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any of various grasses of many genera that grow in tufts or clumps rather than forming a sod or mat


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There mm meadows with perennial bunch grass, beardless wild rye, oat grass, perennial forbs: 22 million acres of such prairie and 500,000 acres of marsh grass.
Observed Captain Fremont nine years later, "The mountains were covered with good bunch grass, and the water of the streams was cold and pure; their bottoms were handsomely wooded with various kinds of trees.
Great herds of horses were contentedly feeding on the rich bunch grass. Smoke from the evening fires was rising from the lodges.
The hills were clothed with a mat of bunch grass that seemed inexhaustible.
"When my great grandfather moved to Douglas County in 1898 to start farming, prairie bunch grass was stirrup high on the horses and sage grouse were abundant," says John McLean, Chair of the Foster Creek Conservation District in north-central Washington.
Until about 1930, however, wildfires rarely hit the area -- largely because the native ecosystems featured such low-ignition plants as sage-brush, bunch grass, pinyon pines and junipers.
The God hypothesis, the immortality solution, merely create more questions, solve nothing of any importance either in the world of thought or in the here and now, this humble everyday existence of men and women, wheelbarrows, sorrow, dogs, bunch grass and windmills.
The canyon bottom is an expansive meadow system, characterized by a mix of native bunch grasses, smooth brome (Bromus inermis), and a diversity of weedy forbs.
Vegetation at the site--which has been grazed by cattle--includes: Alligator Juniper, Border pinyon, Arizona white oak, Emory oak (Quercus emoryi), Silverleaf oak (Quercus hypoleucoides), Desert spoon or Sotol (Dasylirion wheeleri), and various bunch grasses. On the afternoon of 15 July the authors returned to this location.
During a recent visit to a favorite place in north-central Oregon - where the ruts of Oregon Trail wagons are still clearly visible for more than a mile atop a plateau just west of the John Day River - I sat down amid the bunch grasses and wildflowers to enjoy the peace and quiet.
With few exceptions, seeds of warm-season bunch grasses, such as little bluestem, germinate best when planted directly into the soil in spring.
These gaps are circular, centered or more often excentric; single, double or triple gaps which develop mainly inside bunch grasses and are surrounded by a ring of tillers from the same tussock (Fig.
These areas were sparsely vegetated with bunch grasses, herbaceous species, and a variety of introduced plants used for their nitrogen-fixing abilities.
Bunch grasses, however, must produce seed for perpetuation and to increase the extent of turf areas.
Meanwhile, cattle on the same pastures feast on bunch grasses such as the bluebunch wheatgrass and speargrass.