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a sudden happening that brings good fortune (as a sudden opportunity to make money)

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Bunce, who lived with his wife, had his computer examined by officers.
STEVE Bunce opens his short history of British boxing with a predictably bold statement.
With the match drawing to a tight conclusion, Durham forced their way back to within seven shots but a count of four from Humphreys' rink alongside scores from Lewington, Bunce and Render gave Yorkshire clear daylight.
The reality is when we are talking of a mall, with all distribution and other works required to service them all, we estimate if we create say 1,000 jobs within the mall, we could probably also be creating an equal number within the support economy around us," explained Mr Bunce.
because I encourage women to be version of Bunce "I was branded a nerd, geek, teacher's pet, but I never let it stop me doing everything I have always wanted to do.
Bunce joined Tek Signals to evaluate the business and open up new revenue streams by improving the Go-to-Market offerings by means of new technologies and services while at the same time, safeguarding and expanding the current business.
Se mantha Bunce remains in the medical center recovering from her injuries and has undergone multiple surgeries.
McCulloch was remanded in custody while Reid and Bunce were bailed.
VVEASE in the ground will suit course-and-distance winner Bunce 4.
Veteran Vikki Bunce has warned Scotland's women hockey stars face being squeezed out of future Olympic squads unless they're backed to go full–time.
Richard Bunce, 32, from Ilkley in Yorkshire, beat thousands to win a commendation from the Garden Photographers' Association.
When prisoner Scott Bunce (Gerard Horan, above right) was jailed for stabbing his wife 16 years ago, Standing (Dennis Waterman, centre) was sure he was guilty.
BOXING expert Steve Bunce believes there could only be four active heavyweights ahead of David Price in the world pecking order.