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a sudden happening that brings good fortune (as a sudden opportunity to make money)

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McCulloch was remanded in custody while Reid and Bunce were bailed.
Her father, John Thackray Bunce, was a patron of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and editor of the Birmingham Post for more than 30 years.
Bunce has registered five of his eight wins on ground softer than good (has also been placed a further four times under such conditions) and remains potentially well treated when considering he has twice won handicaps off marks (78 and 79) higher than his current BHA rating of 72.
Bunce "That is what all of our customers have in common - their love of good music and the knowledge that they can relax and have a good time with us.
Rosie lives at home with her mum Ellie, dad Mark Bunce, 34 and her older sister, Teegan, 13.
Dundonian Bunce, who represented Team Scotland in Melbourne and Delhi, was a Great Britain.
Mr Bunce said: "I love the rugged and wild atmosphere of the Northumberland landscape.
But Bunce, the face of subscription channel BoxNation who broadcast Price's fights, wants the Liverpool man to get rounds under his belt before taking on the very best.
With previous experience at big platforms such as Countrywide and Greenlight Financial Services, Bunce recognized New American Funding's strong leadership and potential, and welcomed the invitation to join the team in 2008.
The moa bones however have allowed us to study the comparative DNA degradation because they come from different ages from a region where they have all experienced the same environmental conditions," Discovery News quoted Bunce as saying.
The US Consul in Yemen, Stephanie Bunce, said on Tuesday that people of Yemeni nationality can apply until November 5th for the 2013 Diversity Visa lottery.
FORMER All Black Frank Bunce believes Wales have gone from laughing stock to the best team so far at the 2011 Rugby World Cup.
Dr Robin Bunce said the fear inspired by the creatures, who have sent generations of children scurrying behind sofas, is nothing to do with their robotic cries of "exterminate" or their relentless attempts to conquer the world, but because we are worried we might become like them.
The archbishop advised Catholic Community Services to contact United Way and explain its objections to Planned Parenthood, said Bud Bunce, archdiocese spokesman.
Bunce Island, lying strategically on what was known as the "Rice Coast" of West Africa, now in modern-day Sierra Leone, was an ideal location for the collection and shipment of rice-growing Africans as slaves to the East Coast states of the USA.