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made by polymerizing butadiene

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(left to right: Karl Micah Lepon, Harley Queen Servando, Jhona Keith Maguddayao, Vince Davidson Pacanot, Shell Senior Discipline Engineers Arianne Jay Buna, Gerald Misajon, and Eugene Castillano, Chevron's Belinda Racela, PSFI's Baste Quinones, and SPE-PSU-SC's Patrick Yap
Construction machines on the section Buna - Pocitelj are now located just several kilometers from this area, and the concern of the local population is increasing, it was concluded at the press conference today.
At the expo, we showcased Buna ND 24 EZ, an excellent example of a high performing polymer with good processability behavior which is more and more acknowledged by the market.
Buna told Taiwan News that he was inspired to create the video to "show the beauty of Taiwan to my fellow Filipinos in collaboration with my dancing." Buna said he also wanted to give a snapshot of life for an OFW in Taiwan outside of work and to show versatile Filipinos can be.
Into this hellish situation, alongside US troops fighting at Buna, walked a man armed only with a camera.
One cultural motif that appears everywhere--as insidious as frankincense in the wind--is the coffee, or buna, ceremony.
These pumps have an oil-cooled and lubricated double mechanical seal design with SiC versus SiC faces and Buna N elastomers.
The innovations include two innovative SSBR product developments: Buna FX 3234A-2HM and Buna VSL 3038-2HM.
Impeller materials on all models are constructed of NBR (Perbunan[R], Buna-N[R]), EPDM (Keltan[R], Buna EP[R]), CR (Neoprene[R], Bayprene[R]), FKM (Viton[R], Fluorel[R]), and Plastics (60*C Max.).
Buna karsilik uluslararasi; SCI-E ve PubMed gibi bircok indekste bulunan Anadolu Kardiyoloji Dergisi'nin ortak bilim dilinde cikmasi, ornek Dogu-Bati ulkelerinde oldugu gibi, kacinilmaz bir sonuc.
Buna karsilik, AA iliskili nefrotoksisite (AAIN) daha az gorulen bir yan etkidir.
The 316L stainless steel comes standard with a Buna N housing seal for additional strength and dependability.
The type 303 stainless piston rod is equipped with Buna N O-ring rod seals and sintered bronze rod bushings.
Merukh Enterprise has acquired oil and gas fields from the Whitehead family in Buna, Texas, and the United States at a price of US$5 billion.
"Life is ultimately about choices--and so is pollution." Buna Buddy