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made by polymerizing butadiene

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Into this hellish situation, alongside US troops fighting at Buna, walked a man armed only with a camera.
As a coffee professional, the buna ceremony reminds me of the beverage that entranced me when I joined this industry nearly a decade ago, and forces me to slow, breathe and connect mentally with the hundreds of people who have touched my coffee.
Buna FX 3234A-2HM is said to be the first rubber product in the Buna FX family.
These new rubber products are presented as alternatives to Buna VSL 2438-2HM, used so widely at present in the tyre industry.
Shirley Teleron, city fire marshall, said the bodies of Buna and Uban had been found in the burnt debris.
Impeller materials on all models are constructed of NBR (Perbunan[R], Buna-N[R]), EPDM (Keltan[R], Buna EP[R]), CR (Neoprene[R], Bayprene[R]), FKM (Viton[R], Fluorel[R]), and Plastics (60*C Max.
Buna karsilik uluslararasi; SCI-E ve PubMed gibi bircok indekste bulunan Anadolu Kardiyoloji Dergisi'nin ortak bilim dilinde cikmasi, ornek Dogu-Bati ulkelerinde oldugu gibi, kacinilmaz bir sonuc.
Began - who earned her nickname "Queen Bee" for her alleged lead role in the infamous Buna Bunga parties - said that she was expecting the controversial politician's baby but has since lost it, the Daily Mail reported.
Buna karsilik, AA iliskili nefrotoksisite (AAIN) daha az gorulen bir yan etkidir.
The 316L stainless steel comes standard with a Buna N housing seal for additional strength and dependability.
Two tenders requesting local & international offers for the supply of (a) tons (z containers) of SMR 20 natural rubber or compatible, (b) 10 tons of RSS 3 natural rubber, (c) 140 tons (7 containers) SBR 1502 artificial rubber, (d) 20 tons Festalon 5600 or Buna 8850 artificial rubber (one container) & (e) 70 tons EBDM 8450 materials & (f) 70 tons NBR artificial rubber.
Merukh Enterprise has acquired oil and gas fields from the Whitehead family in Buna, Texas, and the United States at a price of US$5 billion.
The type 303 stainless piston rod is equipped with Buna N O-ring rod seals and sintered bronze rod bushings.
Lanxess produces Buna EPDM in Marl, Germany, and Orange, United States, with a combined annual capacity of 120,000 tonnes.
The valve bodies consist of brass with BUNA and EPDM diaphragms.