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For the markets, what matters is the upcoming bun-fight about the 'fiscal cliff'.
SO the bun-fight is over and we came out of it pretty well.
IT could be a good day for James Fanshawe, whose Mac's Power might be the solution to the yearly bun-fight that is the Wokingham Stakes at Royal Ascot tomorrow.
During the weekly lunchtime bun-fight that is Prime Minister's Questions, it's standing room only with MPs from all sides happy to take part in a tradition that often descends into pantomime.
Yes, that's the premise behind this new series, which sees former supermodel Twiggy oversee the bun-fight to end them all.
Mind, after the Robbie Savage bun-fight, it brought more hassle for Toshack, on top of the harsh words between him and his predecessor Mark Hughes.
From then on it's a free draw, which makes the bun-fight even harder to call.
IF ANYONE ever doubted that Donald Dewar paid too high a price for his coalition with the Lib-Dems they should stick around for the bun-fight this summer.
"After all your years of wide open heartache and enclosed space, your newly travelled road has brought you here to Dublin and a big old bun-fight in your honour.
I hope that the number of people who followed last week's marathon bun-fight shows there is a healthy level of interest in local democracy in Huddersfield.
is being used as a pawn in a political bun-fight where Labour are desperate to gain Brownie points.
The Stourbridge director of rugby is concerned that a loss in the North East, followed by difficult fixtures against National Two pace-setters Redruth and Birmingham & Solihull next month, could leave his side starting the New Year with something of a bun-fight on their hands.
Just one more formal bun-fight on the 19th, then off to Wales.
The Dolphins are also the lowest-scoring outfit left in the bun-fight.