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Synonyms for bum

Synonyms for bum

a self-indulgent person who spends time avoiding work or other useful activity

to ask or ask for as charity

to pass time without working or in avoiding work

below a standard of quality

the part of one's back on which one rests in sitting

Synonyms for bum

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But she was determined to give the idea a try and, after renaming it Scrunchy Bum for a British market, she went part time at her city centre law firm to focus on the collection.
"Smell my bum," is one of his most often used expressions; his catchphrase, if you will.
Do you check out other people's bums?: Sometimes I do, but not when I'm with my boyfriend.
For small burns on the surface (e.g., sunburns or heat bums), you can use an antibiotic ointment or aloe vera cream and cover the area with a dry bandage.
Welsh ladies are obviously ignoring the ``Love your bum'' slogan of the latest Velvet toilet tissue advertising campaign - the one with the pictures of different bums, labelled ``firmish'', ``cuddly'' and, more worryingly, ``noble''.
The result is the Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli, an historic estate Bums restored as a labor of love on the shores of Italy's clear Lake Garda, two-hours east of Milan.
But Debbie, whose boyfriend is rugby player and X-ray presenter Rupert Moon, said she's not really that interested in other people's bums.
But, surprisingly, this is not the argument Von Frank pursues, choosing instead to claim that the political activism of the social reformers directly involved in the Bums case can be traced to Emerson's philosophy.
Her bottom line is: "I adore bums and the potential's enormous." She could be a new Botticelli - at a pinch!
Edward Bums made the movie for $20,000, raised mostly from family members.
The notion of bums, to some, might evoke images of shooting flames, blaring sirens, and firefighters battling against intense heat.
SHE'S famous for her voluptuous figure but Katie Price has said she doesn't find big bums attractive.
Fifteen would-be Miss Bum Bums are going cheek to cheek, in a bid to be anointed as the owner of the derriere of the year.
discusses [innovations in] hypnotic treatment of the pain associated with bums and their care / the nature of bum pain / cognitions and suggestions / general considerations for the use of hypnosis with bum pain [review of the literature on hypnosis in bum treatment, response to hypnotic suggestions, bum wound healing, contraindications for hypnotic treatment] / applications of hypnosis to bum care [preparing the patient, the emergency room, the intensive care unit, acute care, long-term rehabilitation]