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Synonyms for bumpy

Synonyms for bumpy

causing or characterized by jolts and irregular movements

covered with or full of bumps

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The bumpy shape is an intermediate stage before the virus becomes unstable, releasing its genetic material.
At last check, all major flyline companies offer them, and as is the case with floating lines, you can choose between smooth and bumpy surfaces.
Compare the way water flowed down the smooth hill with the way it flowed down the bumpy hill.
On one flight back from America I had a bad experience when bags were falling out of the luggage compartments it was so bumpy.
Pushing the snooze button to delay the day is part of the modern wake-up ritual But for some people, a bumpy arousal.
The transition to the new technology," BMR continues, "has been a bumpy one for vendors and even for mailers, as some have had to reconfigure processes to accommodate the changes.
It's a bumpy ride navigating her way through both black America and white America, but her narrative gives readers an appreciation for how it tempered both her steely determination and her honeyed grace.
The airstrip is bumpy, one gets used to that, and then it is a 20 minute drive into the game park and a welcome drink and cold towel on arrival.
They experience the same growing pains as most other children--difficulties with the occasional bully at school, bickering amongst siblings, parental guidelines and the bumpy road towards independence.
95) can help turn even a bumpy beginning into a succesful adventure.
But other companies are going to get the listing bug fairly soon, and with retail investor appetites so ravenous, we could be in for a bumpy ride.
Boys and girls alike lugged amps, guitars, drums, 12-packs, small children and themselves down the bumpy path so two out-of-town bands could bang on their instruments and sing, shout, and scream at the big blue Pacific.
Onto the bumpy surface, the team deposited an imperfect, 150-nanometer-thick layer of the light-absorbing semiconductor cadmium telluride.
The fairways may be rutted in places, with clumps of semidormant turf, the greens bumpy and slow.
Mecco Marking & Traceability has introduced the Bumpy Bar Code[TM] technology that embeds a bar code directly in a product.