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Synonyms for bumpy

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Synonyms for bumpy

causing or characterized by jolts and irregular movements

covered with or full of bumps

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"I only just kept it together on the first run but the conditions are bumpy and it was tough to hang on."
"The bumpy form of the virus would be the form present in humans, so the optimal dengue virus vaccines should induce antibodies that preferentially recognize epitopes exposed in that form," Rossmann said.
Geneva: The European car market still has a long, bumpy road ahead before it can hope to again see sales numbers approaching the pre-crisis glory days, Ford's European chief said Tuesday.
The manufacturer states that the Chewnoodle's and Chewnoodle Bumpy's silicon tube is made from non-toxic, FDA-approved materials and contains no sulphur or other acid-producing chemicals.
"Mentally it's very tiring because it's low speed, like Monaco in a way with the barriers so close to the circuit, very bumpy, dark, so it's very demanding for the drivers.
Britain will have a "bumpy and uneven recovery", according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), following its assessment of the country's economy.
Bumpy, based at Howden Clough Industrial Estate in Birstall, works with young people.
MY OLD BUMPY TREE HIS branches comfort just for me Many times I have dreamed and sang in my old bumpy tree.
Summary: WASHINGTON - The United States and China approach high-level talks in Washington this week on a more even footing reflecting the Asian giant's rising economic power, but a bumpy road lies ahead.
Some lines have a smooth, slick surface, some are rough or bumpy. Some have ridges.
We ordered a chocolate lumpy bumpy and a raspberry roulade but they didn't quite live up to expectations.
ISLAMABAD, October 12, 2010 (Frontier Star): About 70 kilometer section of the Indus Highway linking Kohat with Karak has completely worn out causing numerous accidents and loss of precious lives.One lane of the highway is totally in a dilapidated condition and bumpy due to over-loaded trucks exceeding the weight limit fixed by the National Highway Authority (NHA).It may be mentioned that the highway, which is used by all types of vehicles, connects eastern districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with commercial hub of the country Karachi.
HSBC Holdings (LSE: HSBA) does not seem to be very positive about economic growth in Eastern Europe as it said that growth in the region would be 'bumpy and gradual.'
"Today's numbers, however, were a good reminder that recoveries cannot only be bumpy but also capricious."