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Synonyms for bumptiousness

offensive boldness and assertiveness

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an oasis in the desert that Keynesian economics and concern with credit had made of the Federal Reserve System, [and] the last outpost of classical monetary civilization in a cancerous culture of barbarian bumptiousness." Only an academic, of course, could say something like that--and about an era that fortunately has long passed at the Federal Reserve.
Others may be willing to help if there are multiple states with a common interest, such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines all opposing Chinese bumptiousness in the South China Sea.
Brilliant, bonnet-free, performances included lovelorn headmistress Anna Maxwell Martin and the Dickensian bumptiousness of John Henshaw.
Lee thinks the Brand brand of bumptiousness may have something to do with his previous drug addiction.
Born from his doctoral dissertation, the book displays more bumptiousness than brilliance.
In Egotism in German Philosophy, Santayana pillories certain thinkers, mostly but not exclusively German, for their moral bumptiousness, which prompts them to consider themselves beings essentially of their own making, and to ascribe to their own mind and will the power of fashioning the world in their image:
Ratner and Teeter contend that this development contributed to the increasing power of newspapers and attempt to trace the escalating bumptiousness of northern and southern editorials in the years immediately prior to the Civil War.
Be sure that no cartons (big or little) of bumptiousness or quarrelsomeness get into your baggage.
The gleaming machine-age idealism of the former and the garrulous metamorphic bumptiousness of the latter are quoted and aggressed against in the same cruelly parodic breath.
He settled into a lifelong bumptiousness. His tone and spirit were heavily polemical.