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Synonyms for bumptious

Synonyms for bumptious

offensively self-assertive

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Austen's early fiction is outrageous, inventive, bumptiously irreverent, and even (as she herself might say) inelegant; most of Gillray's visual satires are all that and more, bloody and violent, scabrous and scatological and even revolting.
She's put in the time!" It was a perfect experience of the work, bumptiously unspooling the entire visit and highlighting the oeuvre's off-kilter poise.
It moved next into core high-school courses where districts found themselves with teacher shortages--math, science, foreign languages--and has been growing bumptiously, and in a dozen directions, ever since.
are closer to Schopenhauer than to Sade." That is, while the fictional universe of the Marquis de Sade is "bumptiously evil, crammed with extravagant pain and exuberant torturers, and the greatest of these is God," the universe of Schopenhauer--as are Swinburne's Proserpine poems--"is godless, [and] its torment [is] a weary weight sustained by the blind will to live, which we must learn to deny" (p.
Absent are most of the expected vices and virtues of the young poet: no technical howlers; no tears for a lost garden of earthly delights; no ranting and raving against the established society; no bumptiously imperative subjective moods.