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Synonyms for bumptious

Synonyms for bumptious

offensively self-assertive

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Andrew Langtree portrays the bumptious calculating elder brother, Gooper and Catrin Aaron gives another well-rounded performance as his sharptongued wife Mae.
Some critics say I am bumptious and can be pompous.
Danny Alexander, the bumptious Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander, has urged fuel companies to pass on more of their windfall.
WHAT is it about the bumptious pipsqueak of a Foreign Secretary William Hague, his boss "Call me Dave" Cameron and the Israeli puppet Obama that makes them think they can interfere in the governance of other countries?
I saw him yesterday and he agreed that when he was 23 he was irritating, bumptious and over-the-top, but he's made cooking fun.
Their peaceful day out turns into a rollercoaster ride of hilarious escapades and perilous pitfalls when their lively and bumptious friend, Toad, enters the story.
With the bumptious Toad's heart set on a shiny new motorcar and his very liberty soon at stake, will his faithful friends come to his rescue - and will he let them?
He's no great actor, looking like a plump ruddy overgrown schoolboy either petulant or puzzled, but Wagner's bumptious hero is
Norartakir" depicts the fantasies of its bumptious protagonist upsetting the picturesque holiday he and his unhappy wife planned in an ancient city in the Caucasus, his bumbling assertiveness and dreams of prowess unable to get out of each other's way.
He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "that his non-attendance because he looks to the legislative authority in bumptious, especially the House of Representatives has precedent matter when Higher Education Minister Ali al-Adeeb did not attend.
She claims bumptious Radio 1 DJ Dave Lee Travis (the self-styled Hairy Cornflake) once "clamped his hands down on my boobs over my jumper and moved them around.
The unnamed narrator met Jarvis simply because alphabetical order left them sat together at school, and then got stuck with him; decades later, he's still giving the delusional, bumptious and increasingly sorry figure lifts to doomed auditions.
He presents his protagonist not simply as a mediocre politician of at best modest accomplishments, but also, ad hominem, as a bumptious, self-absorbed, small-minded, thin-skinned "cold fish," "an unpleasant man," and a "nasty piece of work" (xiii-xiv).
Their first goals in five matches against Wigan served to finally put the bumptious neighbours in their place.
Star performance Christopher Wren, clearly still a work in progress but galloped his rivals into the Thames Quote of the day "He can be a bit bumptious but Ted settled him really well today," owner David Little about Fyelehk Find out why this runner-up should soon be going one better.