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Synonyms for bumptious

Synonyms for bumptious

offensively self-assertive

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The Wolfeman and his cub-reporter disciples threatened to storm the bumptious bookshop bastions inhabited by bona fide authors.
If they're to be denied gainful employment abroad, what is to become of bumptious, permatanned, all-singing-all-dancing, chubby egotistical 20-year-olds?
ON Agrisgop's new 15-minute video, Ffarmwr Ffowc,played by Llansannan's Eilir Jones, is as bumptious as ever.
As for the bumptious Gordon Taylor, the Professional Footballers' Association boss who gets paid a whopping pounds 450,000 a year, he's the first to whine when he thinks his darling players are being unfairly treated.
For while he's sold millions of books around the world, Jeffrey Archer's writing style is bumptious to say the least.
lJosh Gifford sends out his 50th winner for Jim Joel when Buck Willow (Declan Murphy) lands the odds from Maguire on Bumptious Boy (Jim Wilson) in the novice chase.
Tom's not a particularly bright bulb - all it takes is a losing a job, getting mildly heckled by a couple of black teens and listening to the not-terribly-charismatic burbling of Bob Mathews (Peter Gallagher) for him to fall in with these bumptious bumpkins.
Francis's detractors - and there are many - intend to underrate him because they believe, consciously or not, that an expressionist abstraction (which is not necessarily the same thing as Abstract Expressionism) has to have come from a more or less ugly, bumptious urban environment like New York's (in fact, only New York's) in order to achieve anything beyond mere decoration.
America's cod-eaters don't have a bumptious lobby to keep the FDA in line; America's fish processers do.
Obama tells with distaste how he sat next to a bumptious Brit on a flight from London to Nairobi.
Ayer's report from the 1920s 'A bumptious, aggressive, difficult boy, too pleased with his own cleverness'.
He said: ``It will take a long time, so many goals to tell you about -I don't want to sound bumptious.
But she's obviously realised he's a bumptious, fat-faced bore who has made a career out of complaining and who could patently never love anyone as much as he loves himself.
Buffham, who considers himself worthy of respect-he was awarded an MBE for his services as a bomb-disposal expert and intelligence officer in Northern Ireland-has little time for many of his critics, who regard him as bumptious and, too often, wrong.