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An apartment community using one lock format and re-keying units at each move out could be at greater risk for bumping because of the number of keys fitting the channel that are circulating in the public.
In fact, gold ball bumping is truly an evolution of the 50-year-old wire bonding process.
Pb-free materials do have an impact on wafer bumping. The rheologies of Pb-free solder pastes are different than SnPb pastes and, just as screen printing parameters must be altered to address the transition in surfacemount assembly, so must they be altered for semiconductor packaging applications.
"Bumping" describes the situation in which an employee is dismissed and replaced by another employee, although it is really the replacement employee's job which has become redundant.
Demand for advanced solder bumping technology has seen rapid growth as flip-chip technology gains popularity in the packaging of semiconductor chips.
However, that was reduced by more than half during a high five and 90% when bumping fists.
The results have been manifested in a number of patents and the spin-out of Unitive (now a division of Amkor) for high-volume wafer bumping. RTI now studies high-density interconnection using through-silicon vias to interconnect 3-D stacked silicon ICs.
August Technology Corporation (Nasdaq:AUGT), Bloomington, Minn., has received an order from a leading bumping facility in Taiwan for its new 3Di-8000, a complete system integrating 100% 2D and 3D bump and wafer defect inspection.
The [P.sub.F]C bumping process is a totally additive technique in which wafers are coated with a dielectric passivating layer using screen printing techniques.
Probing before bumping was found to accelerate the drift in resistance.
August Technology Corporation (Nasdaq:AUGT), Bloomington, Minn., has received an order for two NSX Series bump inspection systems from Flip Chip Technologies, Phoenix, Ariz., one of the world's leading bumping companies.
IBM's Peter Gruber has conceived a new solder bumping method that builds on the controlled collapse chip connect invention yet eliminates several steps--including all mold cleaning.