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Synonyms for bump

Synonyms for bump

to come together or come up against with force


to proceed with sudden, abrupt movements


to lower in rank or grade

bump into: to find or meet by chance

bump off: to take the life of (a person or persons) unlawfully

violent forcible contact between two or more things

an unevenness or elevation on a surface

a small raised area of skin resulting from a light blow or an insect sting, for example

Synonyms for bump

a lump on the body caused by a blow

come upon, as if by accident

dance erotically or dance with the pelvis thrust forward

remove or force from a position of dwelling previously occupied


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There are many variables that determine if a burglar can open a lock by bumping and if a property is at risk of being targeted; the level of risk to the apartment industry through bumping remains unknown.
The ball bumping process is a variation of this wire bonding operation.
Located at the same premise as Unisem Ipoh, customers receive seamless integration of a wide variety of services under one roof covering wafer bumping, wafer backgrinding, wafer probe, dicing, final test and flip-chip assembly.
JCAP's major businesses are dedicated to wafer bumping and bump-related back-end service.
AMD's decision to license our Unitive lead free bumping technology is an indication of Amkor's technological leadership in advanced packaging applications," said Oleg Khaykin, EVP and COO of Amkor.
The inherent cost advantages, flexibility, and ease of use make SUSS production lithography systems extremely attractive solutions for different wafer level packaging technologies, including solder bumping, gold bumping, redistribution layers (for wafer level packages and chip stacking) or re-passivation.
This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 that involve risks and uncertainties, including, without limitation, statements regarding emerging flip chip applications; initial and future capacity in the new bumping facility; growing adoption of flip-chip packaging; long-term supply agreements for both bump and probe services; and support of 300mm bumping technologies.
As thick resist processing requires coat geometries that can handle the high viscosities involved and yield highly uniform coats, we decided on 300mm coating technology from SUSS MicroTec, the leading supplier of production lithography equipment for solder bumping, redistribution and integrated passives.
The Endeavor is an extremely flexible system, delivering advanced film stress control and a damage-free process, which translates directly to increased yield in advanced wafer bumping fabs.
MUNICH, Germany -- SUSS MicroTec (FWB:SMH)(GER:SMH), the leading manufacturer of lithography equipment for the wafer level packaging and solder bumping market announced it has recently received orders for lithography systems and coat/bake/develop tracks from Siliconware Precision Industries (SPIL), one of the world's largest packaging foundries located in Taiwan.
NASDAQ:AMKR) today announced that it is establishing wafer bumping operations in Singapore using the same processes currently employed by Amkor's Unitive subsidiary in Taiwan.
Applications such as complex multichip applications, high I/O count devices, and gold ball bumping for flip chip, MEMS, and high frequency, fine pitch applications are addressed by the Model 8000.
Solder wafer bumping is a packaging approach that offers many options to the manufacturer of integrated devices and provides a robust and functional interconnect solution that preserves high performance operation.
IC Interconnect (ICI), a wafer bumping service company, announces its wafer test, laser marking, die singulation, and tape and reel capabilities available as standard service offerings.