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the texture of a surface that has many bumps

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Regarding the results of the measurement accuracy test (Table 1), it is interesting to note that, after length and diameter, the most robust measurable parameter appears to be bumpiness. This becomes even more intriguing in light of the fact that the repeatability test involved spruce logs measured on bark and with random rotational positions.
Inside Aircraft Intensity Aircraft Reaction Reaction Duration Light Momentary attitude Slight strain Occasional-Less excursion, or against belts; than 1/3 of rhythmic bumpiness light objects the time.
Ahead is a grey misty bumpiness; we edge left to avoid it, pass very low over a snow-topped hill; beneath I see sunlit green deodars, vertical and tall on the slopes.
It's not the tax cut people are talking about on the doorstep when you meet them but it is one that would fire up the economy in a way that would be helpful in a no-deal context because we would have economic bumpiness and we need to support businesses."
According to Asgarimehr, it has long been assumed that these signals "are composed in such a way that they are not noticeably attenuated by clouds or typical precipitation in the atmosphere and therefore cannot detect precipitation." So the research team took a new approach and focused on the bumpiness of the sea surface.
(Camera is hand held so please excuse the bumpiness).
Despite some bumpiness in the relationship, the outlook for the future was positive, in her opinion.
Elon Musk later explained that the bumpiness was due to problems with a paving machine and that it would be "as smooth as glass" eventually.
In a separate hangar stood the freshly painted PAL A350, majestic, a class of its own, dwarfing the people craning their neck to view the newly designed 'winglet' which mimics a bird's wings in flight, adjusting to turbulence and reducing the bumpiness.
Most market watchers place blame for the bumpiness squarely on President Donald Trump, who ups the ante on tariff threats almost daily.
"And for all the bumpiness in the road, medicine is better today than it was 20 years ago."
Jon's response is an important reminder that mindfulness meditation can be, at times, a bumpy ride and that the bumpiness is part of the practice.
Relations between the American and UAE airlines are about to hit another period of bumpiness and, with Donald Trump in the White House, who knows how they will emerge from the next bout of open skies confrontation.
The problem is that the variability and bumpiness of fund performance along the way makes it difficult to stick with them through all their ups and downs.
According to the law of conservation of energy, when the vehicle drives on the cement concrete pavement, the vehicle suspension system absorbs more energy, which results in the bumpiness of vehicle.