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the texture of a surface that has many bumps

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A third bed included as an experimental control, a surface with the optimal stiffness but no bumpiness, utterly failed to nurture the cells.
Shafer said that there's inherently bumpiness that comes with the process of blending two different families.
Sometimes markets misunderstand, and that may create some bumpiness in the markets.
The movement of the car is quiet and, considering the bumpiness of the roadbed, is remarkably smooth," he penned.
Turbulence Unsecured that causes slight, objects may rapid and somewhat be displaced rhythmic bumpiness slightly.
What is the bumpiness on this journey that the plan sponsor deems prudent and appropriate in meeting the plan objectives?
A technology that creates a sensory illusion of bumpiness and roughness
Lafond is getting ready to paint a new mural at the nearby Territorial Vineyards, but that one will be more abstract due to the bumpiness of the wall and him not being able to make clean lines on it.
The bumpiness of the surface of the skin, at the micron scale, actually effects how light reflects off the surface," Professor Paul Debevec, associate director of graphics research at USC told the Times.
Bumpiness in the clouds is good, he says, adding that's what they look for.
Frequent flyers have reported bumpiness to be on the rise, but this is the first study to actually measure the projected impact of climate change, said the authors.
Which I think, in the long run, are to the good, but in the short run, there's some discontinuity and bumpiness and change, which has caused some disruption, but in the longer term given population growth, the young population and the rise of the middle class is bound to be significant to the economy and future economies as a result.
Like the awkward bumpiness, this bold standing out is phallic but not mimetic.
Floor flatness (FF) controls the local bumpiness of the floor surface and is primarily affected by the finishing operations after screeding, including restraightening and power floating.
This smoothness or bumpiness is a quality of many different kinds of materials, but refers only to a property of its surface (and in fact may be quite independent of the substance of which the surface is made).