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Synonyms for bumpy

Synonyms for bumpy

causing or characterized by jolts and irregular movements

covered with or full of bumps

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If you might hang with me for a short while, I'd like to attempt to convey the deep emotions a certain middle-aged bowhunter is experiencing while he coasts rather bumpily into his reflective years.
Don't just focus on adjectives; talk about powerful verbs: the branches tickle the sky, the stream chatters over the stones, clouds tiptoe overhead, a cat slumbers in the shade, boats bob bumpily in the harbour.
102) Some of these statements appear to have been constructed primarily as a defense against charges of plagiarism and thus might be expected to fit only bumpily with other arguments.
This was a chamber-music account, tenderness and intimacy setting the huge apocalyptic outbursts into proper context, with the CBSO Chorus persuasively confiding in their whispered, crystalclear diction (what a pity the altos led decidedly bumpily into the "Libera Me" fugue).
The road yet again bumpily winds through miles and miles of dense jungle before terminating in the northernmost town in the Andamans, Diglipur.
1) Most compare successive translations; taking a teleological view, they tell of a bumpily asymptotic evolution from the "crude, ridiculous and inaccurate" (2) adaptations of the 1890s toward ever more faithful and readable Arabic translations.
In the first, painting balloons bumpily into the sculptural field, like a popcorn kernel pushed outward by a buildup of thermal energy; in the second, painting withdraws, gathers itself to itself, leaves the shadows playing across its surface to whisper about the fungibility of perception.
What follows feels like a documentary, with Llana's hand-held camera bumpily following Adam through the squatter camps, markets and back alleys of Cavite.
If psychology were only bumpily reducible to lower levels it could still be the case that we want to keep its ontology, on the basis that it captures generalizations that are unavailable in those lower levels.