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Synonyms for bumpy

Synonyms for bumpy

causing or characterized by jolts and irregular movements

covered with or full of bumps

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03sec - Boherash Cameron's ability to meet his obstacles with confidence despite enduring the bumpiest of passages will stand him in very good stead over the next few weeks.
SACRAMENTO -- Angelenos already deal with some of the worst traffic in the country, but a new report says the region's roads also are among the bumpiest.
Driving was more comfortable than exciting, though, with good handling and a suspension system that smoothed out the bumpiest of rural routes.
That seemed to end one of the bumpiest chapters in the company's history, including allegations of fraud in a deal to convert a hundred 767s into refueling tankers for the Air Force.
King Kev put a smile on the face of football and the roller-coaster ride was never at its bumpiest than during a classic 4-3 defeat at Liverpool, which still remains a firm favourite of television schedulers.
Unfortunately, the relevant lesson in that episode is more likely that the hierarchy can ride out the bumpiest of storms.
Packaging: Ametalcase that was tough enough to withstand the bumpiest of handbag rides.
DeRenzi's bumpiest period may have come in the last few years of longtime executive director Deane Allyn's tenure, when it was frequently rumored that the two no longer even spoke to each other.
We stopped to camp at 11:30, 2 miles from our landing spot, on some of the bumpiest tundra known to man.
The first several years from the Liberation on were the bumpiest ones, then a more forgetful France would offer limited amnesty laws in 1946 and 1947, and broader ones in 1951 and 1953.
But even on the bumpiest, most sprinkler-riddled back yard, you can still play this more sophisticated version and put to use all the aficionados' strategies.
The national nonprofit research organization says that California has six of the 10 bumpiest urban road networks in the United States.
5 litre hybrid which will have DAS as standard and take it to the bumpiest road you know.
Harry and Hedwig enjoy the bumpiest journey in the wizarding world?
Before a crowd of 10,812 at Hayward Field on Saturday, Centrowitz survived one of the slowest and bumpiest races in memory to claim the 1,500 title at the USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships.