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Synonyms for bumpy

Synonyms for bumpy

causing or characterized by jolts and irregular movements

covered with or full of bumps

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In English and in Spanish, today and in the seventeenth century, speakers typically refer to smells by way of simile: for instance, of the complex fragrance of a rose--based on the perception of more than a thousand different molecules--it would be quite appropriate to say "it smells like a rose." (10) In contrast, consider our sense of touch: We can say of a surface that "it feels smooth" or we might observe that "it is a little bumpy." We might compare various surfaces and easily perceive which are the smoothest or the bumpiest among many.
It's also one of the cleanest capital cities and among the bumpiest to drive around in my opinion.
Fisher is likable, acerbic, clever and wryly forthcoming about the warped reality of life in the celebrity bubble, but her stage memoir is a journey to self-knowledge that rushes through the bumpiest part of the trip--the addiction years--always en route to the punchline.
Harrison Lane, near Helme, was deemed Britain's ninth bumpiest road in a survey by Continental Tyres in July.
A lower pouch cradles the lower limb/cam, while horizontal straps hold it in place even when traveling on the bumpiest back-roads you can find.
Moreover, Interlagos is one of the toughest and bumpiest tracks in the Formula One calendar.
It hugged every corner like a long-lost pal and even the bumpiest road didn't cause any discomfort to the passengers.
While the former clocked the faster time over 460 metres hurdles - 28.78sec compared to 29.03sec - Boherash Cameron's ability to meet his obstacles with confidence despite enduring the bumpiest of passages will stand him in very good stead over the next few weeks.
Driving was more comfortable than exciting, though, with good handling and a suspension system that smoothed out the bumpiest of rural routes.
DIRECT WRITERS AND reinsurers are going through the bumpiest time in many years.
That seemed to end one of the bumpiest chapters in the company's history, including allegations of fraud in a deal to convert a hundred 767s into refueling tankers for the Air Force.
King Kev put a smile on the face of football and the roller-coaster ride was never at its bumpiest than during a classic 4-3 defeat at Liverpool, which still remains a firm favourite of television schedulers.
Unfortunately, the relevant lesson in that episode is more likely that the hierarchy can ride out the bumpiest of storms.
Packaging: Ametalcase that was tough enough to withstand the bumpiest of handbag rides.
The trichords in this example, with one exception, 3-10[036], follow the same pattern found in the type-I rows, with the "haves" and "have-nots" distributed from lowest to highest Ds values and from flattest to bumpiest interval-class vectors.