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Synonyms for bumpy

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Synonyms for bumpy

causing or characterized by jolts and irregular movements

covered with or full of bumps

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Earlier this week, the US Defense Department put the bilateral ties on a bumpier road when it asked Congress to approve $686 billion for military spending in 2019, citing "threats" from Russia, China, and North Korea.
Its rival AMD has a bumpier ride over the course of 2017 but (https://finance.yahoo.com/news/amd-apos-q4-earnings-benefit-223910890.html) reports indicate the company will report strong fourth quarter earning driven primarily for the demand from cryptocurrency miners.
Sometimes it is a bumpier road but having two No.1 drivers raises the performance of the car."
The trip itself gives a sense of returning to simpler times, as the fancy Riga-Liepaja bus gives way to a Liepaja-Rucava microbus gives way to a Rucava-Vitolnieki car; the urban atmosphere is stripped away as pavement becomes bumpier and eventually crumbles into gravel.
Shares in Europe's biggest bank fell 3.9 percent after it reported a surprise pre-tax loss of $858 million and predicted a 'bumpier' financial environment ahead.
A Fortwo with the optional sports suspension will deliver a bumpier ride than the standard setup.
Some of the world's more vulnerable economies may find the road to normalization somewhat bumpier," said Fischer, a former Bank of Israel chief who prefaced his speech with remarks in Hebrew.
More study is needed, he said, but the impacts on aviation in the coming decades "could be more clear-air turbulence, resulting in a bumpier ride for passengers." n Agence France Presse
The road for some IPOs has become bumpier lately, however.
Alas, in college the road only becomes bumpier as romantic fantasies remain just fantasies and the chastity belt begins to feel more like a straitjacket.
Sure, planes flew lower, were noisier and flights were bumpier, but that was part of the adventure and aura of flying.
Airplane rides are getting bumpier as global warming causes increased mid-air turbulence, says a new analysis by scientists studying the impacts of global warming on weather systems.
In PIMCO's New Normal, I expect markets to exhibit higher volatility and a bumpier investment road than precrisis.
Transatlantic flights could get a lot bumpier and prices more expensive in the future if the climate changes as scientists expect, according to a new study.
The net result of these changes to the atmosphere is that by the middle of this century, transatlantic flights will be bumpier, and the extra fuel that airplanes will need to battle against or fly around the stronger currents will force an increase in ticket prices.