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Synonyms for bumpy

Synonyms for bumpy

causing or characterized by jolts and irregular movements

covered with or full of bumps

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Sure, planes flew lower, were noisier and flights were bumpier, but that was part of the adventure and aura of flying.
Airplane rides are getting bumpier as global warming causes increased mid-air turbulence, says a new analysis by scientists studying the impacts of global warming on weather systems.
In PIMCO's New Normal, I expect markets to exhibit higher volatility and a bumpier investment road than precrisis.
Transatlantic flights could get a lot bumpier and prices more expensive in the future if the climate changes as scientists expect, according to a new study.
The net result of these changes to the atmosphere is that by the middle of this century, transatlantic flights will be bumpier, and the extra fuel that airplanes will need to battle against or fly around the stronger currents will force an increase in ticket prices.
Bumpier air journeys would make flying more uncomfortable and raise the risks to passengers and crew.
9 ( ANI ): Flights across the North Atlantic could get bumpier in the future if climate continues to change, scientists have said.
By Damian Carrington/London Climate change will lead to bumpier flights caused by increased mid-air turbulence, according to an analysis by scientists of the impact of global warming on weather systems over the next four decades.
Scientists studying more than a dozen newly available images have concluded that Einstein's brain is bumpier than most, which may mean he had more neurons, the cells that transmit and receive information.
You can quickly and easily adapt to driving the Citigo around town, its strong damping can catch you out on bumpier roads, and you have to look ahead when planning to overtake as there is not a lot of power underfoot, particularly if laden with people or goods.
While individuals may have little trouble upgrading to Java 7, enterprises face a bumpier road.
Four points from two games suggests that the road to Brazil is going to be a bit bumpier than we would have liked.
We know, in short, that things are going to get bumpy, bumpier than they've been probably since February 2011, which itself was bumpier than they'd been in decades and decades.
However, serviced office prices have had a bumpier ride with a peak of pounds 278 per month for a single workstation in 2005, and a low of pounds 202 in 2009.
the road to recovery longer and bumpier than hoped for".