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Synonyms for bumph

reading materials (documents, written information) that you must read and deal with but that you think are extremely boring

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According to the publicity bumph, the man we see on screen isn't Joe at all, but an actor called Jeff Palmer.
HAVING had some UKIP election bumph drop through my door this week, I can see their argument.
Which is an enormous and worrying shame - especially since most of the bumph we receive is of no use to us and is deleted without being properly read.
Programme Packed full of features and the usual bumph for the now customary Championship three quid.
"It's our understanding that people on leaving are given a fistful of bumph telling them where to go and what to do and who can help.
This friendly, family-owned three-star hotel is a brisk ten-minute walk up the hill from Sandown Esplanade if you're carrying the usual beach baggage, or a few minutes stroll if you're writing the kind of bumph that ends up in brochures and web pages.
Ironically, the advertising bumph for the service proudly boasts of "free customer service to suit you answered by a person, not a machine".
I have now received some PR bumph about the constitution, but not the document itself.
And the PR bumph says that its 'highly effective formula assures a continued protection against ageing and signs of stress'.
Normally, I only scan the bumph that comes with a car because 1) it is dull and 2) it is often untrue.
It contains GCSE level mathematical theories along with a load of basic bumph about our planet - a kind of inter-galactic travel brochure that says: "'Come and visit Earth - you'll find the people friendly, backward and good potential slaves." And that's my basic complaint here.
Sorry, but we can only return demos which have an SAE Sixth Avenue Traffic Whisper, Smile & Wave EP A VERY professional outfit with a well-produced debut CD, a card with the key social media addresses, and bumph on the band.
Others have lined up to put the boot in, with Walkers Crisps, Haven Holidays and Weetabix among those who've upset the natives by omitting the holiday hotspot's distinct profile from their marketing bumph down the years.
DUMP THE TRASH AND FREE UP FLOOR SPACE Dump what you don't need, archive past papers and store current bumph in an orderly fashion.
With a loud 'bumph', Luca duly disappeared and came out unscathed on the other side having bulldozed his way under and through.