bumper jack

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a jack for lifting a motor vehicle by the bumper

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The metal and plastic construction, the high sights--one of which is a handle--and their complete lack of grace and form give them the beauty of an automobile bumper jack.
Whether you call it a "Hilift" or "Handyman jack," it's basically just a Paul Bunyan-sized version of an old-fashioned bumper jack. It'll lift 3-1/2 tons up to a height of 3 ft., the toe can slide into a 4-in.
In the 1940s, bumper jacks became standard equipment on new cars.
They are both as useless as bumper jacks, and no amount of trotting them out for more starts is going to change that.
The standardization of safety and performance requirements for portable automotive lifting equipment including: hydraulic hand jacks, transmission jacks, engine stands, vehicle support stands, mechanical screw jacks, mechanical bumper jacks, scissors jacks, mechanical frame jacks, upright- type mobile lifts, service jacks, wheel dollies, shop cranes, swing-type mobile lifts, scissors-type mobile lifts, auxiliary stands, automotive ramps, high reach supplementary stands, and forklift jacks.