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a small low-powered electrically powered vehicle driven on a special platform where there are many others to be dodged


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Once she manages to get going, Ella's wide-brimmed hat repeatedly flies off and into the face of a light bulb-shaped fellow -- aka Jake -- in another bumper car with his date.
Besides the hot dogs at Nathan's, riding the Cyclone, playing Skee Ball and grabbing the rings on the carousel, there were the bumper cars. Legal chaos, assault, collisions, confusion, revenge, avoidance and the notion of "watch my back." All the skills, lessons and experiences you needed in preparation for junior high school.
It's not clearly established in the beginning that Sam (Tim Martin Gleason) and Annie (Chandra Lee Schwartz) actually live in different cities, or that Sam's wife is dead, or why he and son Jonah (the bigvoiced Joe West) take up residence on a house boat, or what Annie is doing in a bumper car at an amusement park.
BUMPER CAR LAUGHS THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLICAN C4, 9pm SARAH Millican became Britain's best-selling female comedian with her debut DVD.
(3) Right, Jorgelis Baez, 9, of Worcester enjoys the bumper car ride.
In addition, the 4,180 passengers that the ship can accommodate will have the use of an indoor sports and entertainment complex complete with a roller skating rink, a bumper car arena, a circus school with a flying trapeze, a full-size basketball court and a dance floor.
Or the fact that the maximum speed of a bumper car is about three miles an hour, given a following wind.
Enjoy preparing a picnic, playing I Spy, driving a bumper car, making an icecream, and much more.
The Midlands proved to be a prime location for bumper car antics, a fifth of drivers having damaged their car in the region.
troops in Iraq use their Humvee as a bumper car to bully the locals out of the way in traffic:
Then they can design their own roller coasters and experiment with bumper car collisions.
Rutter has one mount at this afternoon's meeting-ironically in the Bumper Car Day Handicap-but he will also be filmed riding at Wolverhampton tomorrow night before the action switches to Lingfield on two non-racedays next week.
The bumper car arena advertises gasoline from state oil monopoly Pemex.
For children aged between eight and 13 years, there are around seven to eight rides including big swinger, clown, drop zone and bumper boat apart from samba balloon, flavio slide and small bumper car. The Muscat Festival provides a dose of entertainment for those above 14 too.
"The whole [F-ring] region is probably just a chaotic bumper car zone of moonlets that are getting scattered," suggests Jeff Cuzzi of NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif.