bumper car

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a small low-powered electrically powered vehicle driven on a special platform where there are many others to be dodged


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HOLIDAYMAKERS thinking of riding bumper cars at Butlin's today have been told not to indulge in any, well.
Part of her act sees her dividing people into either thrill-seeking bumper cars or safe and sensible dodgems, like herself.
Fate, in the form of an insistent carnival pitchman, diverts her from her haughty indifference with a shower of free tickets to the bumper car ride.
For children aged between eight and 13 years, there are around seven to eight rides including big swinger, clown, drop zone and bumper boat apart from samba balloon, flavio slide and small bumper car.
Connelly has fashioned a very trick mystery, with more twists and turns than a bumper car ride.
All right, so he's probably more used to an Aston Martin as Bond than a multi-coloured bumper car.
such as Tarantula Tangle, a thrilling tilt-a-whirl ride; Jungle Junction, a train ride for the little ones; the Banana Squadron, a flying banana ride that riders can raise and lower to their liking; and JJ's Driving School, a bumper car ride named after JJ, one of Jeepers
He said: "It was a bit like being in a high powered bumper car - I've spoken to Alex since the race and we are still pals.
Among the new attractions will be an adult bumper car ride, a water ski show, and two traditional amusement park thrill rides, Walborn said.
Another boy was riding a bumper car at the fair in Dover, Kent, when the yobs slashed his neck, narrowly missing his jugular vein.
This would be race ace Damon Hill's last public appearance as an F1 driver - if he does actually retire - and he boldly took part in a celebrity bumper car competition with Eddie Irvine and Simon and Yasmin Le Bon.
Rides are especially geared to children and include an adult bumper car ride, the Stiengasse, a scaled down version for children called the Kinder Wagen, children's swing rides, and a children's roller coaster, the Pied Piper.
The souped-up purple bumper car is the pride and joy of "Mad" Max Tate.