bump off

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kill intentionally and with premeditation

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This is nothing more than a collection of thugs, one trying to bump off another,'' attorney Manuel Araujo, who represented one of Fernandez's co-defendants, told jurors in an opening statement on May 24.
SCHEMING Tracy Barlow's plot to bump off love-rat boyfriend Charlie Stubbs hots up when the Corrie superbitch deliberately burns herself with a scorching iron.
This year the EastEnders team have finally realised no one wants a sidehelping of misery with their turkey, and decided to bump off a thoroughly rotten character no-one gives a stuff about - Archie Mitchell.
to bump off Orlando Letelier, formerly the defense minister in the government of Salvador Allende.
And when tracking down bad guys, like an international assassin who's out to bump off a celebrity hairdresser, conjuring up a bit of misinformation was often a dangerous thing.
And if serial killer Richard Hillman hadn't failed in his quest to bump off the lot of them with a late-night drive into a local canal 10 years ago, he would have saved everybody a whole lot of grief.
If the wing cuts through to the other side [ILLUSTRATION FOR DIAGRAM 3 OMITTED], #2 will bump off #3 and drop to the high post.
Love cheat Pat Gillane is led away in chains yesterday after being convicted of trying to hire two hitmen to bump off his wife.