bump off

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kill intentionally and with premeditation

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The sentence seems excessive, but it is arguable that if Margo's law gets the go-ahead there could well be a number of other loving and less than loving relatives who see it as a green light to bump off any inconveniently frail family member.
Dressed in a low-cut, backless, purple gown, the actress braved the cold October evening in Leicester Square and wandered around for more than half an hour showing her bump off to photographers and signing autographs.
THERE'S yet another death in the Dales - the village is getting almost as dangerous as Walford - when Adam and Steph bump off nasty Terence.
One hitch: Indigo only bonds weakly to the surface of the yarn, so it is easy to bump off, says Ankeny.
In the remake of the 1955 Ealing comedy, Hanks plays the leader of a criminal gang which tries in vain to bump off its elderly landlady.
I must have tuned in 15 times thinking this was the night he would bump off Maxine.
Ebenezer Scrooge never hired a hit man to bump off Bob Cratchit, and Tiny Tim certainly wasn't faking that bum leg--then again, Craig Lucas didn't write A Christmas Carol.
This is nothing more than a collection of thugs, one trying to bump off another,'' attorney Manuel Araujo, who represented one of Fernandez's co-defendants, told jurors in an opening statement on May 24.