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It was Claire who got to haul the baby bump around for nine months.
To make the hairs stand up, the little muscles at the base of each hair contract, which causes a bump around the hair.
According to its 2005 Grocery SuperStudy, spice sales actually underperform during most of the summer, with a slight bump around the July 4 and Labor Day holidays.
But he got a bump around a furlong out and couldn't peg back Burley Flame, despite keeping on well in the closing stages, eventually going down by half a length.
"The bump around my eye was just absolute murder, the most pain I've ever been in, the first time I went down it was just pure pain when he caught it, it wasn't a knockdown.
He escapes, of course, and for a while everyone is scared that he might come back to get them all, but when the sun sets on this weird planet they find they have a much more pressing concern - an alien lifeform that only comes out at night, and can see them perfectly clearly while they bump around like pensioners during a power cut.
Marguerite and the female chorus bump around in big gowns that make them look like ambulatory wedding cakes with melted frosting, while the new fop outfits in the "Creation of Man" number are literally incredible.
Try out skills in soccer, lacrosse, basketball and handball, bump around in the bubble balls or master the obstacle course, arranged by LifeZone360 Sports Academy.
"Patterned pieces are also very popular with women who perhaps don't want to parade their bump around.
"I don't know if I believe the old wives' tale, but I'm carrying the bump around the sides as well as at the front - if that means anything.
'I've got a few little bumps and bruises, but what I like is the fact that when I get a bump around the injury I think it's a bit sore.