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Synonyms for bumbling

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Synonyms for bumbling

clumsily lacking in the ability to do or perform

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Synonyms for bumbling

lacking physical movement skills, especially with the hands

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The narrator tells us this Dude is "the man for his time and place," and his story is a majestic fable of bumblingly impotent action and shrugging retreat, set against news footage of the first American war on the oil fields of Iraq.
They bumblingly leave him at the scene of a bank heist, however, and Leonard Smalls arrives to rescue him just before H.
You don't have to be aware of the 1963 Peter Seller's original or the sequel, A Shot In The Dark to find Steve Martin's performance as the bumblingly inept, language-mangling Inspector Clouseau one note and painfully unfunny, though obviously if you are then the agony will be compounded a thousandfold.
Shakespeare has fun with a Cade bumblingly incorrigible in his regal prerogatives: "What canst thou answer to my Majesty?" he demands of Saye (4.7.23).
Even Hugh Grant, at his most bumblingly English, would be more convincing as trailer trash than anything she can manage in this stinker.
Durning's Elwood is a bumblingly benign, good-natured soul, but Myrtle Mae bitterly comments, "People get run over by trucks every day ...
Perhaps the sliest twist is the arrival of Stephen Fry as the police detective sent out to investigate the murder, who, going totally against the grain of this cinematic genre, turns out to be bumblingly incompetent.
Hugh Grant is as bumblingly likeable as ever as the bookshop owner.
Their characterization and physical portraiture grew exquisitely detailed and idiosyncratic: the sexiness of a large woman's body, the unglamorous positions assumed in a bumblingly earnest sex act, the weary scepticism with which one signs the Fedex form when the latest costly, precariously-timed shipment arrives from the sperm bank, were all faithfully rendered.
The Bolshevik is just one more tasty ingredient in this delectable stew made otherwise of mostly non-native New Yorkers, bumblingly aspiring toward clarity in the world of the flesh as well as the spirit.