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Synonyms for bumble

Synonyms for bumble

to move awkwardly or clumsily

to proceed or perform in an unsteady, faltering manner

to make a continuous low-pitched droning sound

a continuous low-pitched droning sound

Synonyms for bumble

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But before they enact their detailed plan to bring down the Doctor, Ezra confesses to his fellow Bumblers that he has broken their code.
In retrospect, T himself probably thought he was a 'crazy fool' for signing on the dotted line for those projects, but in recent years he's redeemed himself with work on sublime animated fantasy Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs and this ever engaging series in which he tracks down an international array of buffoons and bumblers.
Once more he'll be tracking down an international array of buffoons and bumblers. Along the way he encounters silly sportsmen, bungling burglars and daft drivers.
Apply a rich conditioner like Bumble and bumblers Creme De Coco Conditioner ($21, folica.com).
much too important to be reduced to a bunch of trivial don't-do-this prescriptions by a pair of idiosyncratic bumblers who can't even tell when they've broken their own misbegotten rules."
They can't beat the Tampa Bay Rays, but can't lose to the New York Yankees, who become the Bronx Bumblers when they see a uniform with "BOSTON" stitched across the front.
Bumblers. Small time hoods that were kind of clueless ...
Robert Bathurst, from Cold Feet, who does a nice line in posh bumblers is probably too likeable an actor to do justice to the almost incidental part of Mark Thatcher.
The gang of medieval bumblers are desperately seeking the Holy Grail (as suggested by God, a prerecorded John Cleese).
But they ask, what happens if this gets into the hands of bumblers or madmen?
The three bumblers patiently wait to learn the location of the missing bullion, via the cryptic map that Caley has, while a slick detective has his eye on them all.
IT'S a sad indictment of the Beeb bumblers that Tony McCoy is 50-1 to be the Sports Personality Of The Year despite his record- breaking achievements.
And then, lo and behold, the bumblers simply did the most expedient and easy thing.
We are seen as a country of bumblers who are "indecisive, hesitant and pedantic."
Same old story The company's founders went from being business geniuses a couple of years ago, to looking like short-sighted bumblers today Its share price was $150 at the IPO; now it's about three bucks.