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Synonyms for bumbler

someone who makes mistakes because of incompetence

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He was an inexperienced prosecutor, yes, and public relations bumbler, sure--but he was also a good man trying to do the right thing.
Calista Flockhart (TV's Ally McBeal) is totally lost, while a fine actor like Stanley Tucci is completely miscast as Puck, looking more middle-aged bumbler than mischievous sprite.
In power Cameron's a bumbler, a bungler, a botcher.
Actually, I pray for our president's safety, because the last thing this country needs is to turn this misguided and incompetent bumbler into a martyr.
For the amateurs of Oldbury, Tom Bird was a comfortable bumbler, awash with undisguised admiration of his friend's powers of deduction.
Rather, he's everybody's brother, a bumbler to boot, and with his Big Macs and Gennifer Flowers it has been hard to imagine him on any pedestal.
CLASS DUNCE Tory bumbler Michael Gove RUBBLE TROUBLE Cash was badly needed to fix problems GRIM OUTLOOK Headteacher Mr Patel NARROW Sir William in corridor HORROR Ms Tyers FAILING sign RUN DOWN The gym and changing rooms at Hurworth school are not fit for purpose LEFT TO ROT Headteacher Maggie Rafee outside the crumbling building with decaying window-frames.
This comedy sequel sees the softly spoken bumbler win a trip to France, but even a change of scenery can't stop him lurching from one disaster to the next, and he finds himself mistakenly accused of kidnapping a small child.
After eight years of enduring a bumbler who diminished our stature in the world, I crave dignity and vision.
Perpetual candidate Garamendi is a self-promoter and bumbler.
It's much easier to be liked as someone who is a bumbler rather than as someone who is arrogant.
While Hardy played the bumbler in their movies Laurel, who was born in the Lake District, led the more colourful life.
Dutch experts claimed the unlucky few are 50 per cent more likely to have accidents than the average person - just like Rowan Atkinson's telly bumbler.
Throughout his presidency Ford was saddled with the image of a bumbler.