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Synonyms for bumbler

someone who makes mistakes because of incompetence

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But if you have grown up to be such a male bumbler that you aren't quite sure when it would be appropriate to hug a female co-worker, and you can't quite trust yourself not to grope her backside while you're at it, it's always fine not to hug co-workers at all.
Image: Lanky bumbler Best known for: Playing Marlon Dingle in Emmerdale Early life: Mark was born in Bolton, Lancashire, in 1968 and educated at Canon Slade School.
Jeeves and Wooster: The Complete Series is a top pick for any who enjoy British mystery and humor, providing a fine collection telling of British aristocrat and bumbler Bernie and Jeeves, his hilarious resourceful valet who keeps him out of trouble.
9 Who played himself as a trilby-hatted, well-meaning bumbler tackling bureaucracy in early comedy series Here's Harry?
And introducing, in the role of the well-intentioned bumbler Charlie Brown, Majority Leader Harry Reid and his team of Democratic placekickers.
Hailed in 2003 as architect of the Iraq victory, Wolfowitz, by late 2004, was being singled out as the bumbler of postwar planning and the man most responsible for what Gen.
And if under that sky (bluebells suspended) / a glimmer of easy seedlings quickens / as if warmed between ancestral covers / and every bumbler turns whoremonger / for whom will the pink-tipped lily open?
After Ford was filmed stumbling as he walked down the steps of Air Force One and tumbling on a ski slope, the comedian Chevy Chase began lampooning him on SNL as an uncoordinated bumbler.
The mother, Zainab, has been arbitrarily coupled by an arranged marriage to Rafique, a self-absorbed bumbler whose dreams of riches contrast sharply with his unsuccessful low-key business enterprises.
Actually, I pray for our president's safety, because the last thing this country needs is to turn this misguided and incompetent bumbler into a martyr.
It's populism for the post-Popular Mechanics era: the purposeful elevation of the bumbler as a reproach to "elite" competence.
Bush continued this attack, part of a decades-long strategy to enact huge tax cuts by portraying government as an ineffective bumbler and sugar daddy for welfare queens and wasteful programs.
Then there's the barking MP and magazine editor Boris Johnson, a bumbler who insulted Liverpool and everyone else voicing grief at poor Ken Bigley's beheading.
We in this country tended to undervalue Ronald Reagan, too often dismissing him as a cowboy, a warmonger and a bumbler.