bum around

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Tom just shrugged, so his uncle said naturally, "Just going to bum around for a while, huh?
Once upon a time, you just wore shorts to bum around in.
Swivel your bum around quickly - the cheekier the shake the better.
In it's pre-handover heyday, Hong Kong was a haven for everyone from crusty travellers trying to earn enough to bum around Thailand's beaches, to the Yuppies that left London searching for their fortunes in the worlds most affluent banking market.
As his mates whistled, he said: "You don't see much of the builder's bum around nowadays, so this is definitely a very nice surprise.
We're just planned to bum around but we really fell in love with Northern Ireland," said Ray.
The instincts slide dizzily and whirl on the eighth color Just like leaves which were forbidden yellow and Bum around in a drizzle until on the curly and salty They pour mystic chlorophyll from sparrow to lilyflower Thus tomorrow's breeze wafts Spring's little spring has no end.