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Synonyms for bulrush

tall marsh plant with cylindrical seed heads that explode when mature shedding large quantities of down

tall rush with soft erect or arching stems found in Eurasia, Australia, New Zealand, and common in North America

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In September 2002, the cienega wetlands were dominated by bulrush (Schoenoplectus pungens) and cattail (Typha domingensis).
The reduction in cash flow relates primarily to the Saskatchewan and Bulrush assets.
As I walked toward the new hide, a water rail screamed like a stuck pig deep in a bulrush bed, and long tailed tits squeaked in bare branches above me.
These rigs can be fished right in the creekmouths or worked along the bulrush and marsh grass that grows on the banks.
Nicola Campbell, 32, of Bulrush Close, St Mellons, Cardiff, pleaded guilty to speeding.
In a similar vein, a miniature bulrush (Scirpus cernuus) is effective, especially as a repeating pattern of several plants in a row on a windowsill, giving an 'outdoor' grass-like frame to view.
Jodie Georgeina Davis, 30, of Bulrush Close, St Mellons, Cardiff, pleaded guilty to shoplifting and was given a community order of 10 days in Lifelong Learning and ordered to pay pounds 50 costs.
It most often occurs on vegetation points (eel-grass, hydrilla just below the surface, sometimes bulrush or scattered maidencane).
Here they could be grouped with Egyptian papyrus or bulrush (Cyperus papyrus) and its cousin, the umbrella plant (Cyperus alternifolius), along with fiber optics rush (Scirpus cernuus), a grassy plant whose flowers give it an unmistakably fiber-optic look.
Bulrush can be planted as the pond fills and will grow out to depths of four to six feet.
Police are appealing for information on the car, which was brown or burgundy, and the men who followed the boys from Bulrush Close into Sandbrook Drive at around 4.
Want to go see the grove of Catalina mahogany that lies along Bulrush Canyon Trail in the island's southwestern wilds?
That means various combinations of pepper grass, bulrush, sawgrass, shoreline timber, or even docks and other manmade structure.
The other panelists are Rebecca Rothenberg, a Pasadena author whose novel ``The Bulrush Murders'' scored a nomination in a national competition for first mystery novels, and self-published novelist Alexis Powers.
We've also got a lot of shallow eelgrass growing, along with pads, and bulrush and cattail islands.