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Synonyms for bullying

the act of intimidating a weaker person to make them do something

noisily domineering


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Although bullying among school-age children has become a pervasive international concern, relatively few studies have examined bullying behaviours in preschool-age children (3to 5-years old).
For this reason, among many others, October is recognized as National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month.
ISLAMABAD, Feb 18(Media)- Bullying at schools if not stopped when it is started cause long term damages to personalities of both the bully and the bullied children.
"Dubai has an integrated approach in dealing with any suspected cases of bullying, where all key stakeholders are informed and supported throughout the process.
Apart from the descriptive statistics, the relationship between mindfulness and bullying behaviours was analyzed using Pearson correlation.
Bullying initiatives may take a targeted approach (focused on only the victims and bullies) or a whole school approach (focused on all students in the school).
Although one in four adolescents experience bullying, (2) according to the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, LGBT students are two to four times as likely to be threatened or injured with a weapon on school property, two to three times as likely not to go to school because they feel unsafe, and about two times as likely to be bullied at school, compared with their heterosexual peers.
Department of Health and Human Services, bullying has been linked to various negative outcomes, mental health issues, substance abuse and suicide.
The bullying made her sad and hurt, and she wanted to cry and stop going to school.
'It is very important that these incidents [of bullying] are reported to the police so an investigation can be conducted and the suspects arrested,' Banac said, adding that cyberbullying has become the most common form of bullying among the youth.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Mar 14 (ANI): Children who are involved in bullying at the age of 11, may remain involved in it throughout their entire adolescence, a recent study suggests.
They linked harassment at home to higher levels of depression and anxiety, not only during the period in which the bullying took place but later in life.
Before Christmas 2018, Ateneo de Manila resolved the bullying scandal by dismissing from its high school the teenage bully who was seen on video beating up another boy in the school toilet.