bully beef

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beef cured or pickled in brine

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Guy's superior officer, Fido Hound, is reduced to bartering five cigarettes for one biscuit and one lump of bully beef, and he steals six biscuits from men sleeping in the caves of Creforce Headquarters.
After killing it, he would drop it onto a pile of others he had done away with, and wait for his reward: a piece of hardtack or bully beef. The Canadian troops hated bully beef and often lined the muddy trench walkways with tins of it.
There is a strongly held belief that the AIF fought the First World War on an unvaried diet of bully beef, biscuits and black tea.
EVERYONE R was glad when that order was issued; the only things we had to carry now, besides rifle and ammunition, were an extra pair of socks and our iron rations which consisted of four army biscuits, a pound tin of bully beef, and a small quantity of tea and sugar.
Gone are the days of bully beef, Machonachie stew, Tickler's plum and apple jam and hard-tack--staples of the First World War.
RSM >harrowing "Germans very eager to exchange almost anything for our bully beef and jam.
"When we arrived they gave us tea and bully beef and bread my first experience of bully but not the last.
For it wasn't just the likes of corned beef (bully beef), hard biscuits and stale bread that our exhausted and tortured soldiers had to contend with to keep their spirits up.
Mrs Atkinson said she hoped to organise a ration time tea, with bully beef hash and the like, after the service.
A prominent Newcastle and Gateshead butcher, expounded the merits of bully beef to an Evening Chronicle reporter.
After qualifying in 1939, he joined the army and it was while serving in Algiers he swiped a tin of bully beef which should have been returned to the stores.
casualties Cecil as many died just than their It saddened the sensitive Pugh that the misery of frightened soldiers, struggling grimly for King and Empire; wer in need of so much more dutiful attention.Hefelt theywer entitled to farmore than the mea gre supplements of bully beef and cigarettes that soothed their grim lives.
"They can touch the uniforms and artifacts and even eat food of the era as we'll be cooking up Bully Beef for people to try!
A form of corned beef called "bully beef," it came in cans, or tins, as the British would say, like Spam.