bully beef

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beef cured or pickled in brine

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Two days later the outgoing draft was lined up on the parade square and issued bully beef sandwiches as travel rations, loaded onto trucks and driven off to the station in Kure, ignored by the people of Hiro.
Traditionally, they have included meat - bully beef in the Second World War - biscuits and chocolate.
Then a sailor came round with a loaf, half a pound of butter and a tin of bully beef which we ate ravenously.
A family of four can expect one tin per person of sardines or bully beef per day.
The set was the work of Jimmy Hughes, creator of characters such as the Jocks and the Geordies and Bully Beef and Chips.
Many things were forbidden -corned beef (or bully beef as he called it)because he'd eaten too much of it during the war; baked beans (cowboy food),and anything frozen or processed other than tinned salmon.
The van contained tools, bully beef, chocolate, water bottles, inflatable tubes, spars, struts, engine mounts .
We entrained the same night and next morning arrived at Le Cateau where we were hurriedly detrained, I know my boots were unlaced and my equipment hurriedly put on, and so I marched lugging along a 7lb tin of bully beef on my shoulder.
She said items found during the excavations included personal items such as shaving equipment, bully beef, chocolate and cigarette tins, as well as spent and unfired ammunition, all of which help to illustrate contemporary accounts of life in the trenches.
There were 4,000 men on board so they decided to take off 3,500, who were housed in large storage sheds with blankets and groundsheets and fed mostly hard tack and bully beef.
We were quickly christened bully beef one and bully beef two.
Next is the bully beef sandwich filling which represents WorldWar I.
There were 4,000 men aboard so they decided to take off 3,500, these men were housed in large storage sheds with blankets and groundsheets and fed mostly hard tack and bully beef.
On the part of the emigrants, there was some use of broken bottles, tins were thrown and lumps of bully beef into which jagged pieces of tin had been stuck.