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a cocktail made with vodka and beef bouillon or consomme

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BEIRUT: Health Minister Mohammad Khalifeh was forced to hold a news conference on Friday in which he denied giving approval for a controversial herbal drug.AaHe also called on relevant authorities to investigate the usage, stocking and advertising of Bullshot, a powdered energy supplement designed to be taken in a similar manner to cocaine and marketed as a "legal high."Aa
Advertising campaigns for the product say that Bullshot has been approved by the Health Ministry, something the ministry denied on Friday.Aa
The television advert for Bullshot, featured on some of Lebanon's most popular stations, tells views that using the product will allow them to "get a clearer mind, more concentration, lose weight, delay aging, strengthen sexual abilities, reduce pain and calm nerves."Aa
The ministry received documents from the Customs Authority which labeled Bullshot as "candy" as well as a letter from the product's importer stating that no prior ministerial improvement was needed for distribution, he said.Aa
Retail watchdog Consumer's Lebanon, in a statement issued this week, condemned the way the product was advertised and called on the relevant authorities to withdraw Bullshot from the country's shelves.Aa
"Consumer's Lebanon asks security personnel and the Consumer Protection Department to stop Bullshot from being produced and remove it from the market."Aa
Although the product has shown no trace of narcotic substances, Khalifeh said that the way Bullshot was administered was suggestive and he discouraged people from using it.Aa
Khalifeh said that the ingredients in Bullshot were "natural enough" its method of consumption could produce "different effects." He urged consumers "not to get used to [Bullshot]."Aa
Consumer's Lebanon's statement queried Bullshot's continuing availability, given that "some [state bodies] have known about it for two months," and called for legal proceedings to be brought against individuals who "claimed having received approval from the Health Ministry."Aa
Marian Theatre: Bullshot Crummond, Ron House, Diz White, Alan Shearman, John Neville-Andrews and Derek Cunningham; dir: Jay Louden.
Afterwards we had sharpened our appetites for brunch with rounds of bloody marys and bullshots. And after the beef bouillon ran out, our host, an ingenious man, had improvised a drink from chicken broth and vodka which he proclaimed the 'chicken-shot.' This was all very pleasant and after a few drinks my spirits were soaring.