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Synonyms for bullshit

speak insincerely or without regard for facts or truths

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71) Bullshitters have no conscience when it comes to telling a lie or stretching the truth, and that is what makes them potentially more dangerous.
By virtue of being a bullshitter and not a liar, it is still true that the messenger aims to "get away with something.
SA As a storyteller, or a high-concept bullshitter anyway, I'm always struggling to build a reliable ramp to those moments when my characters are overrun by feeling, and in which the language itself--in an effort to capture those feelings--throws off the shackles of politesse (or "moderation," as Timothy says) and rises into the lyric register.
A liar, Frankfurt writes, must first know the truth and then choose to misrepresent it; a bullshitter, on the other hand, has no regard for the truth and speaks for no other reason than to promote personal interests.
The particulars of what is said may be true or untrue, but for the bullshitter that is irrelevant.
The FCC said bullshitter was "shocking and gratuitous" when uttered "during a morning television interview," then changed its mind because the context was "a bona fide news interview.
The bullshitter "does not reject the authority of the truth, as the liar does, and oppose himself to it.
One of my own students, a freshman, read an essay aloud wherein he attributed the success of his final high school history paper (for which he had not done the reading) to his special talent as "the best bullshitter in the state.
Or, as he seems to suggest, perhaps he's reacting not to his father but to Uncle Dan, an Irish-born bullshitter and well-to-do farmer who paid for my dad's college education.
So much talk of Les renders him a semi-legendary figure, a supposed poet (though we never see any of his poetry, only that which he inspires in others), but he might more accurately be described as a serial bullshitter who "took lying to be creative" (his own name repeatedly suggesting "lies").
as a deformity of truth, and says of those oft-quoted newsmakers and sources who produce it: "Unlike a liar, who knows the truth and wants to keep people away from it, the bullshitter exhibits a complete lack of concern in differentiating between truth and falsehood.
Like any compulsive bullshitter, Glass was too focused on plugging leaks to think about the plumbing.
Rudy, being the snobby, petty, rhetorical bullshitter I am, it only seems natural that's how I'd write, eh?