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Synonyms for bullshit

speak insincerely or without regard for facts or truths

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By virtue of being a bullshitter and not a liar, it is still true that the messenger aims to "get away with something.
The bullshitter "does not reject the authority of the truth, as the liar does, and oppose himself to it.
One of my own students, a freshman, read an essay aloud wherein he attributed the success of his final high school history paper (for which he had not done the reading) to his special talent as "the best bullshitter in the state.
So much talk of Les renders him a semi-legendary figure, a supposed poet (though we never see any of his poetry, only that which he inspires in others), but he might more accurately be described as a serial bullshitter who "took lying to be creative" (his own name repeatedly suggesting "lies").
Jeffrey Archer: Colleagues who remembered him from 1969 to 1973 recall someone who was already a bullshitter, who could not clearly distinguish truth from reality.
Daniel, a raconteur of the first rank--or bullshitter extraordinaire--tells both his tall and short tales with a rustic flair and idiom so wonderfully anachronistic and evocative of the fiction that one can suspend one's awareness that the world being described is vanishing at warp speed.
The hard hitter the bullshitter the polypussy getter The beast from the East the Judge the sludge The women's pet the men's fret and the punks' pin-up boy, They call me Rap the dicker the ass kicker The cherry picker the city slicker the titty licker .
After the four major TV networks filed suit against the commission, arguing that several recent rulings were "unconstitutional and inconsistent with two decades of previous FCC decisions," the commission reversed an order issued in March 2006: The word bullshitter, uttered in an interview on CBS's The Early Show, is now "neither indecent nor profane" because "it occurred during news programming.
That's the difference between a bulldog and a bullshitter.