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Synonyms for bullshit

speak insincerely or without regard for facts or truths

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Earlier this week, the President lauded Bolton for standing up to the ICC and 'calling them out on their bullshit.'
magazine subsequently published it as a pamphlet and distributed it on the London Underground, to raise awareness among commuters travelling to those bullshit jobs.
Austerity discourse is a black-and-white disguise for our hugely complex society and economy--an economy in which bullshit jobs can exist.
This emphasis on work, and the pretence that jobs are not bullshit, can also be used as a tool to suppress challenges to rising inequality and the iniquities resulting from the financial crash.
Presenting the economy as a handbag, or as the subject of a quasi war effort, distracts attention from these macroeconomic mysteries, of which bullshit jobs are both symptom and fake remedy
Unproductive jobs may be regarded as bullshit, but--like art--their very non-instrumentality may sometimes be the key to their value.
And as Frankfurt further comments, "Bullshit is unavoidable wherever circumstances require someone to talk without knowing what he is talking about" (63).
Despite Frankfurt's claim that people are more tolerant of bullshit than lies, I perceive both as affronts.
On student nodded and said, "Sooner or later the bullshit runs out." Another, "Students can't learn by cheating." But the most disheartening remark was, "You can tell Jenn these things, but it won't do any good.
To these glorious eras of history let us add the name of our own: The Age of Bullshit.
Frankfurt's On Bullshit is a repurposed essay from almost 20 years ago, but its newfound relevance has earned its author invitations to appear on NPR and The Daily Show.
Frankfurt makes an important distinction between bullshit and lies, which is that while bullshit does not have to be untrue, it is always phony.
delightful title was chosen from the "deep reservoir of bullshit phrases" because "it best exemplifies the properties native to bullshit." That is, the attempt to "slather some nice" on aggressively un-nice situations.
Your Call begins with the "vanguard" BS industries--advertising and PR--in a chapter fittingly rifled "Painting the Lawn Green." Then the book moves easily through the irrational exuberance of the Internet bubble ("Only the revolutionary few can make millions by incentivizing synergy paradigms."); the treacly justifications surrounding globalization and outsourcing; the heinous "bafflegab" of the insurance and pharmaceutical industries; the shameless corporate hucksterism of Enron, WorldCom, and the like; the imagined beauty of urban sprawl; and the media's complicit happy-talk role in the "bullshit pandemic."