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Synonyms for bulrush

tall marsh plant with cylindrical seed heads that explode when mature shedding large quantities of down

tall rush with soft erect or arching stems found in Eurasia, Australia, New Zealand, and common in North America

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The idea is to create a series of wetland environments along the length of the river, planted with common reed mace and bullrushes.
5) An emergent wetland is one that has plants, such as cattails and bullrushes, whose roots and part of the stem are below water level with the rest of the plant above water.
My lower half was in wet mud--the upper half was pushing bullrushes aside so that I could pass between.
Alas, because of the bog, reeds and bullrushes round the loch, we cannot fish from the bank, and bank fishing is probably the best way of targeting winter rainbows.
Like German-Jewish parents who sent their children on the kinder-transports, or the baby Moses set adrift in a basket into the bullrushes, Superman's parents launched him in a rocket to Earth in hopes that he would survive.
I liked the name Moses because I just knew he'd go on to greater things - and also because he was found as a baby, although not amongst the bullrushes.
The stillness was delightful, interrupted only by some sparkling leaping fish, or the swallow skimming in circles over the water, the hissing of the swans from their two woody islets, or the cries of the wild fowl from the far off sedges and bullrushes.
Owner Steve Openshaw, a keen angler himself, has worked hard to create a pleasant water surrounded by mature trees, plenty of bankside bushes, reeds, bullrushes and specially planted weed beds.
They lay eggs on bullrushes and flag irises on suitable waters, with their frankly ugly offspring hatching out in spring and thankfully staying underwater until they emerge as a beautiful migrant hawker in late summer.
In fact, though, Campbell is not the only Moses to be found amongst Hulme's bullrushes.
And in 1703, the tribe sold the right to farm certain lands to the town, reserving the right to "cut Flags, Bullrushes and such grass as they usually make their mats and houses of, and to dig ground nuts, mowing land excepted, any where in the bounds of the township of Southampton.
This category consisted primarily of saltmarsh cord grass (Spartina alterniflora), and smaller proportions of salt meadow-grass (Spartina patens), black needle-rush (Juncus roemerianus), salt grass (Distichlis spicata), bullrushes (Scirpus spp.
A flaring sunset touches the trees with colours of flame and molten copper; reddens even the bullrushes and the ropes of ivy which drift, among their own reflections, in the river.
Sarah also says, "I must separate my Moses in the Cradle or Bullrushes.
The pretty riverside village of Dalyan, surrounded by pine-clad hills, cotton fields and bullrushes, is a great place for a day trip.