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a place on a baseball field where relief pitchers can warm up during a game

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a large cell where prisoners (people awaiting trial or sentence or refugees or illegal immigrants) are confined together temporarily

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Dodgers right-hander Kevin Brown threw 55 pitches during his fourth bullpen session of the spring Wednesday, retreated to the clubhouse and said he was ready to pitch in a spring game.
I think we're one of the best bullpens in the league and our numbers show that.
However, Tracy said Brown might only need to pitch five innings to be declared ready for opening day, despite the strain such a move would put on the bullpen.
Now, if he can figure out what to do about a slumping bullpen that was battered again on Tuesday.
MONTREAL - Not only does lefty Carlos Perez's problem impact the game he's getting hit hard in, but it takes a toll on the rest of the bullpen.
With the JetHawks stagnant on offense, Burleson went with his left-handers out of the bullpen.
Nobody knows better than Greg Maddux the dramatic impact a bullpen can have in the postseason.
And while the offense looked dead and the rotation looked like it was tired of having to be perfect to have a chance, the bullpen didn't escape blame.
ANAHEIM - At least the Angels can take solace in the fact they finally got into the Chicago White Sox's bullpen.
The White Sox bullpen pitched just two-thirds of an inning in the entire five-game ALCS.
It's the bullpen, which only began to right itself Saturday when Saito and Baez preserved Odalis Perez' 3-1 victory against the Giants.
I try to get in on all the bullpens (pitchers' throwing sessions between starts) and try to get in the (batting) cage whenever I can.
Not when he has the support of one of the league's best bullpens.
I would say I'll be ready to go after maybe two or three more bullpens,'' Perez said.