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a very contagious infection of the skin

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The next common primary pyoderma was folliculitis (10%) followed by furuncle (8%), bullous impetigo (4%) and ecthyma (2%).
Molecular mechanisms of blister formation in bullous impetigo and staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome.
2002 bullous impetigo Sharma & Verma, 2001; Staphylococcus scalded- Stulberg et al.
Other causes of diaper dermatitis include allergic contact dermatitis (which can also be a complication of candidiasis diaper dermatitis), sebor-rheic dermatitis, psoriasis, or bullous impetigo.
Bullous impetigo (A), caused by Streptococcus pyogenes or Staphylococcus aureus can present with vesicles and bullae due to staphylococcal exfoliative toxins (exfoliatin A-D) which cause separation at the superficial epidermal level.
6,7 In this method, scrapings from the floor of the vesicles are transferred to a glass slide, stained with various dyes, and then examined under the light microscope, that reveals multinucleated giant cells in herpetic infection, acantholytic cells in pemphigus, dyskeratotic acantholytic cells and cocci in bullous impetigo, pseudohyphae in candidiasis and necrotic basal cells in toxic epidermal necrolysis.
Vesiculopustular disorders of neonates are common; HSV infection, herpes zoster, congenital syphilis, neonatal acne, staphylococcal infections, bullous impetigo, epidermolysis bullosa simplex, Letterer-Siwe disease, transient pustular melanosis, neonatal dermatitis herpetiformis, and IP all have vesiculopustular cutaneous manifestations.
Children with localized exfoliative staphylococcal infections, such as bullous impetigo, were excluded from the study.
isolates isolates Furuncles 7 7 (100) Abscess 9 8 (89) Carbuncle 26 20 (77) Cellulitis 25 19 (76) Staphylococcal scarlet fever 27 17 (63) Wounds ([section]) 20 5 (25) Pyoderma 5 1 (20) Pneumonia ([parallel]) 8 1 (13) Bullous impetigo 6 0 Bacteremia 7 0 Other invasive infection (#) 4 4 (100) Colonization 300 18 (6) Total 444 100 (23) Risk ratio p value Origin of sample (95% CI) ([dagger]) ([double dagger]) Furuncles 8.
Diagnosis: Bullous impetigo, caused by methicillinresistant S aureus
Topical as well as systemic antibiotic treatments are appropriate for impetigo, including bullous impetigo and ecthyma, but there are pluses and minuses associated with each type of treatment, Dr.