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resembling a bullock in strength and power

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He knew many Aborigines well as a boy and later as a bullocky.
I might, however, take you to goldfields, silver and copper fields, to abandoned railways sidings, bullocky trading routes and to agricultural regions established too far into the desert.
Imbued with legend -- of how one bullocky killed another and then hanged himself; of a girl who went missing, titillating all with the thought of murder until she turned up in Sydney to have a baby; of nocturnal trysts and unruly imaginings -- Jacko's Reach has a deep pull on those who know of it.
Much too subtly, her irony hinted that the bullocky was a religious maniac.
Minister Chandler thanked INPEX for its contribution and said the NTOEC will be built on the grounds of Darwin High School, as part of the Bullocky Point Education Precinct.