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Synonyms for bullock

young bull

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castrated bull

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Yes, we have been here all night," said the bullocks.
We see out of our four eyes," said the bullocks. "We see straight in front of us."
"Hukm hai!" (It is an order!), said the camel with a gurgle, and Two Tails and the bullocks repeated, "Hukm hai!"
"The man who walks at your head--Or sits on your back--Or holds the nose rope--Or twists your tail," said Billy and the troop-horse and the camel and the bullocks one after the other.
Ugh!" said the bullocks. "Let us get away quickly."
The bullocks went off into the long hissing snorts that Indian cattle give, and pushed and crowded and slued and stamped and slipped and nearly fell down in the mud, grunting savagely.
Steve Bullock won re-election in 2016 at the same time President Trump handily won the state by 20 percentage points. 
John Bullock appeals an order that denied, without a hearing, his companion motions for postconviction discovery and for other postconviction relief.
NEW YORK (AP) -- Sandra Bullock has an impromptu idea for how to solve the Oscars host problem, and it involves a lot of improvisation.The Oscar-winning actress told The Associated Press Monday at a screening of her new film "Bird Box " that she thinks random actors should be pulled out of the audience and read what's on the teleprompter to cover a segment of the show.
Beloved wife of the late August J.; loving mother of James (Peggy) and Jane (Glenn) Bullock; cherished grandmother of Andrea Antunes, Genis (Daniel) Schmidt, Nicholas (Alysia) Bullock, Sarah Bullock, Valerie (Greg) Koch, Brett (Suman) Bullock, Genevieve Antunes and the late the Cynthia Antunes; great-grandmother of 5; sister of the late Rosemarie (George) Czerwinski; loving aunt of many nieces and nephews.
WHILE You Were Sleeping (Sony Movie Channel, tomorrow, 4.40pm) stars Sandra Bullock as a lonely subway clerk who certainly gets more than she bargained for after saving a man's life - she ends up involved in a love triangle with him and his brother.
Sleeper hit: Sandra Bullock and Peter Gallagher in While You Were Sleeping
Sleeper hit: Sandra Bullock and Peter Gallagher, in While You Were Sleeping
Sandra Bullock may have had some tough times recently, but it didn't stop her from honoring Sarah Paulson at the 'Elle Women in Hollywood 2018' celebration.