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a small carpenter's plane with the cutting edge near the front

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The Bullnose Terminal is located inside the Apapa port complex.
Does anybody in Liverpool have that?" The Morris Oxford Bullnose was one of the most popular cars in Britain in its day.
It also comes complete with a build-in wine rack and bookshelf, an integrated larder fridge and freezer as well as a kidney-shaped island unit with marble bullnose work surface.
The bullnose ray (Myliobatis freminvillei) is included within the data-deficient group, as a result of the lack of available information required to evaluate population trends; as a consequence, the need for further investigations of its biology and the fishery are required to re-assess the status of this species in the IUCN Red List (Stehmann, 2009).
"It ruined the tilth, see!" I love my bullnose shovel, but not if it turns into a Prairiebuster!
Recently, it supplied a shipment loaded with Kashmir White granite bullnose products to an overseas customer.
Small decisions add up SOMETHING as simple as choosing a square-cut work surface over a bullnose one can make a huge difference to how modern and luxurious your kitchen feels.
The story begins in 1913, with the first Bullnose Morris Oxford being built by William Morris just a few hundred metres from where the modern Mini plant stands.
"His favourite cars were never the big cars in the range but the smaller ones like the Morris Bullnose and the first Morris Minor and the Morris 8," he said.
Formica's IdealEdge ogee and bullnose edge profiles, and Wilsonart's decorative beveled, cascade and crescent edge options, give laminate a sleek, new updated look.
Best buy to A ROUTER (rotating cutting tool) can be used to form a bullnose on a plain section of timber, making it more decorative.
Single Bullnose and Cove Base trim complement the collection.
Of the 9 species of batoids that inhabit the Chesapeake Bay during summer months, only 2 species--the cownose ray and the bullnose ray (Myliobatis freminvillii Leseur, 1824)--have grinding plates and jaw musculature potentially capable of manipulating and crushing oysters and hard clams (Mercenaria mercenaria (Linnaeus, 1758)).
The modifications also include vortilons on the inboard flap as well as a bullnose design on the leading edge of the upper half of the outboard landing gear door.