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having a thick short powerful neck

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The novelist translates Winkler's Morgan, "a man apart: an icy, heartless person" (123), into "a bullnecked irascible man with small black magpie's eyes" (615).
Michael's commanding officer at the recruiting station (played by lira Mezon) typifies the bullnecked jingo, the chicken hawk who loves sending men to the front but has never seen action himself, who assumes that chivalry can flourish amid the machine guns and three-day bombardments of trench warfare.
Underwood, 33 now, bespectacled but bullnecked and still looking like a rugby player, said last night: "I haven't been back to Twickenham since I quit.
Bullnecked men dance to Russian pop and perform scissor motions with their fingers a la John Travolta, their shaved heads spewing sweat as they shimmy; ashes flutter from the cigarettes in the hands of their dates, who pirouette and twirl in the yellow light.
Defarge is a rough, bullnecked, implacable - looking man.