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a mass of precious metal

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gold or silver in bars or ingots

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And if they want jewelry, textiles come fully embellished with embroidery, beads, tassels and bullion fringe.
Crushed velvet with rolled-edge treatments and bullion fringe embellishments were popular at Newport, along with metallic prints on top of velvet.
According to Victoria Rice, buyer of decorative accents, the most popular embellishments include "Bullion fringe, and a bullion chenille loop."
Marsha Caparelli, senior vice president in charge of product development for the ArleeGroup, said the company's new Sutton Place label, geared strictly for upscale specialty stores, would use better cloths like chenilles and matelasses, "embellished in a number of ways" with gimp, tassels and bullion fringe for a distinctly opulent look.
Plantation will have a coordination window treatment trimmed with a silky bullion fringe. Tibet will also have a coordinating window treatment, available either as an all-over print or with a border design.