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a portable loudspeaker with built-in microphone and amplifier

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Quite a few (middle class, mind you) people did but, always, on the periphery of their consciousness; they would recount hearing-but never seeing-the 'bullhorns,' but this time, the roving announcements were along the lines of telling people a curfew was in place, and young people in particular should get off the streets.
But on Sunday, several hundred people gathered in the street on West Florissant, ignoring an officer on a bullhorn repeatedly warning them to get to the pavement or face arrest.
Perhaps you forgot to leave your bullhorn at the door.
If we instead stay on that street corner with our bullhorns and demand that policy makers (and even the public) respect and appreciate public and environmental health, does anyone really believe that we would get anyone to even listen?
Information on the Weston break was everywhere: Radio, TV, newspapers, the Internet, and even in the streets, from officials with bullhorns.
Although he has been in the "God business" as a pastor for over thirty years Ken Wilson knows that "Jesus is a presence distinct from the religion that represents him" and that "We are drawn to him (or not) for reasons that defy easy explanation..." He also knows that being drawn to Jesus does not have to mean "buying the package of faith as defined by those with the biggest bullhorns."
A group of more than 20 people, believed to be in the Tampa area for the Super Bowl, reportedly handed out antiMuslim literature and used bullhorns to shout anti-Islamic slurs at congregants attending the Islamic Society of Tampa Bay Area January 31.
But when we move beyond the statistics (and bullhorns) to hear from those who live as "undocumented" persons, we have a better chance of understanding what's at stake--and then moving toward solutions.
District Judge Sally Loehrer's court order prevents such groups from yelling or using bullhorns, touching the supplies of another group, and limits the number of workers at a location.
Last year, the pro-abortion mob, over 1,000 strong, assaulted the 7,500 peaceful pro-life marchers with a deafening cacophony of obscenity and blasphemy over bullhorns and a public address system with huge speakers mounted on a flatbed truck.
How New Orleans police, inexplicably, lacked bullhorns. And how FEMA seemed AWOL.
Dogs that bark and charge with teeth bared are just emotional bullhorns announcing that life at home is not a bowl of bacon-flavored kibble.
At one juncture, a man dressed in red, white and blue used a bullhorn to mockingly thank the crowd "for coming out to support the president." A woman with her own bullhorn approached and began shouting, "Bush is a liar, save our trees." Most observers just smiled as the two bullhorns went at it, mere inches from each other.
This includes phones in classrooms, two-way public address systems, two-way radios, cell phones for crisis team members, and even charged bullhorns in the event of an emergency.