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a portable loudspeaker with built-in microphone and amplifier

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But the older reader, at least, will recall that bullhorns, as a means of directing the behavior of the public, is a throwback to a different era altogether: the sirens announcing the curfew during martial law; or, perhaps, even the zonas during the Japanese occupation.
He is joining SmartBear from Bullhorn where, as COO, he owned the growth strategy and execution which led the company through a three year period of considerable sales growth in excess of 40 percent per year.
In Bull (1994), created and performed with Dan Froot, the two men use bullhorns to launch private personal relations into public air space.
Others were gathered around students who were using bullhorns to shout their messages.
Once the power ebbs from city hall and floods the Capitol, those needful of government assistance, or just greedily coveting it, have no choice but to organize into interest groups that press demands with media bullhorns.
As compared to most bullhorns and megaphones, LRAD 100X is 20 - 30 decibels louder.
While the two groups attempted to drown out each other with bullhorns before the council meeting, there was little tension.
We're like the guys on the street corner basically yelling, screaming out at the top of our lungs with bullhorns to come to the festival.
Jon Gottlieb's sound design of helicopters and police bullhorns persuades us we could be in the middle of a deadly armed standoff.
Another parade regular is Torment of Roses, a group of Pasadena attorneys who provide topical commentary with picket signs and bullhorns.
Up to 10 helicopters circled above the homes, with some only 100 feet above dwellings, as some residents rebelled by getting out bullhorns to try to drown out newscasts.
Los Angeles federal building guards used bullhorns to keep lines organized and blared instructions to those who showed up before 5:30 a.
Parents picketed his house with signs and bullhorns.
About 40 protesters waved signs and carried bullhorns.
April 14, approximately eight individuals armed with bullhorns, signs and a video camera burst into the office complex where Securcorp has its corporate office.