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a portable loudspeaker with built-in microphone and amplifier

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This financing provides Bullhorn with the opportunity to achieve global market leadership based on our mission of powering the desks of staffing and recruiting professionals worldwide, while working with two world-class venture capital firms - Highland Capital Partners and General Catalyst.
Bullhorn enables its customers to synchronize sales and recruiting to generate, source and fill job orders in real time, at anytime and from any place, at the highest rates in the industry.
There is a huge disconnect between where people are looking for jobs and where they will actually find one - job seekers are focusing on Facebook, while recruiters are on LinkedIn," said Art Papas, President and CEO of Bullhorn.
About Bullhorn Reach Bullhorn Reach is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) social recruiting solution, designed to help recruiters leverage social media to source candidates and identify potential movers more efficiently.
Bullhorn remote monitoring is a low-cost, reliable, telemetry system used in a wide variety of markets and applications.
The Integrity Management Program[TM] (IMP) utilizes information from Allegro, Bullhorn, PCS, and various other sources to determine which projects should be prioritized for implementation.
Data from Allegro and/or Bullhorn feeds into the Pipeline Compliance System (PCS), the industry standard for managing corrosion data.
We are seeing a steady increase in job opportunity across regions and sectors, which is very welcome news," said Art Papas, CEO of Bullhorn.
As with the rest of the Bullhorn family, the units can be set to report by exception when under "alarm" conditions or at pre configured "health check" intervals Alarms can be configured in a variety of ways, and advanced alarming capabilities, which eliminate false alarms, are standard in the product.
2 -- color) Chuck Marchese uses a bullhorn to keep the writers' protest going in front of the Nickelodeon building in Burbank.
The momentum is really growing," offered Barry Hinckley, Bullhorn President and Founder.
Jessica and Kermit look longingly into each other's eyes and Jessica blows Kermit a kiss that provokes Miss Piggy to yell into a bullhorn, "STEP AWAY FROM THE FROG
Pedestrians ran to their cars as a police officer on a bullhorn told the public to stay indoors.
is now offering an economic yet reliable solution to remote monitoring and data collection, the Bullhorn SDT8 radio communications device.
The Bullhorn Job Opportunity Report is calculated based on new job openings across more than 50,000 recruiters and five years of historical data, which includes 13 million analyzed records.