bullhead catfish

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any of several common freshwater catfishes of the United States

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For some 200 years, hatchery-raised trout and nonnative fish such as yellow perch and bullhead catfish have been dumped into the region's 3,000 lakes and ponds.
Offspring from several hybrid crosses (channel catfish x blue catfish, channel catfish, x black bullhead catfish, and channel catfish x flathead catfish) were evaluated for desirable culture characteristics.
Anchovy, European Arctic char Bass, striped Bluefish Carp Catfish, brown bullhead Catfish, channel Halibut, Greenland Halibut, Pacific Herring, Pacific Herring, round Mackerel, king Mullet, striped Pompano, Florida Salmon, Chinook Salmon, pink Trout, rainbow Tuna, albacore
Disturbances of deeper sediment layers that bring very old eggs to the sediment surface are undoubtedly less frequent, but nevertheless occur through localized events such as burrowing by bullhead catfish, tree falls, and setting of boat anchors by fishermen and limnologists.
Hand-sized bluegills, 6-to 10-inch bullhead catfish, large sucker fish, shad, and even shiners will all work, but they need to be big!"
Fish in other polluted waterways, including brown bullhead catfish and English sole, also exhibit high levels of cancer.
* Introduced bullfrogs, bullhead catfish, bass, green sunfish and crayfish prey upon arroyo toads and their larvae and eggs.