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the activity at a bullfight

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The wealthy region has led opposition to bullfighting, in part due to a desire among some Catalans to strike a separate identity from the rest of Spain.
This is especially true of 65-year-old Mancunian Frank Evans, staging a return to bullfighting after a three year retirement.
She said: "Bullfighting is cruel, and the bulls involved suffer a very painful death.
In the south, you may see people watching the bullfighting on televisions in bars with the same attention and passion as is paid to soccer internationals in British pubs.
It was there that he discovered his love for bullfighting, learning from the prominent torero Rodolfo Gaona.
According to the Jeongeup City Council in North Jeolla Province, Tuesday, it has decided not to earmark 114 million won ($100,000) in supplementary budget, requested by the city government, for its 23-year-old bullfighting event after facing strong protests from local animal rights groups.
The proposed law has started attracted scepticism from bullfighting enthusiasts.
Nuwakot [Nepal], Jan 15( ANI ): The district of Nuwakot in Central Nepal draws a large number of revellers every year in mid-January as it hosts the annual festival of bullfighting that has a historical background dating back to over two centuries.
He doesn't use a sword and displays none of the theatrics of Spanish bullfighting. The 24-year-old says it "symbolizes the bravery of man," in an interview in the city of Jiaxing.
In "togyu" bullfighting, women were similarly barred from the ring, which is ritually purified before matches with salt and Japanese sake.
A man demonstrates against bullfighting during a protest called by the NGO AnimaNaturalis as part of their campaign against animal abuse, outside the Merida bullring, in the Mexican state of Yucatan.
What an awful mistake to make through lack of judgement and research On top of this, Boris claimed that opposing the extremely cruel "sport" of bullfighting is political correctness gone mad (Mirror, November 11).
The Foreign Secretary left Spanish guests at a dinner furious by arguing that trying to ban bullfighting was "political correctness gone mad".
Bullfighting's place in the world of performative art, as well as its morality, are discussed intelligently.
Peter Jones, from West Kirby, was drawn to the danger of the ring after attending a bullfighting festival in Salamanca in 1996.