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the activity at a bullfight

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Production and organization of the bullfighting festivities of the september fair in the village of parla.
Nuwakot [Nepal], Jan 16 ( ANI ): The atmosphere was filled with festive fervor and dust hovered above the field as the age-old bullfighting festival commenced here.
Seeing your item about Boris "buffoon" Johnson backing bullfighting made my blood boil.
The Spanish don't like people painting a caricature of their country as bullfighting, flamenco and paella.
The concept of bullfighting is a debatable topic in Spain with opponents saying the game is barbaric and is a bloody spectacle that should not be allowed in a civilized modern society.
In an interview with the ECHO, Mr Jones said he became a bullfighter "by accident" after he became friends with the friends of a local bullfighting club.
However, the tables were turned last month when Spain's Constitutional Court declared the Catalan ban to be in violation of a national law protecting bullfighting as an essential part of Spain's cultural heritage, thereby deeming the ban illegal.
Bullfighting, a bloody ritual intended to ennoble both the 'torero' and his victim, has been popular in Spain for generations.
Some were even upset over the fact that bullfighting is still considered a sport and asked for it to be banned.
Lawmakers in the European Parliament voted on Wednesday to approve an ammendment to the 2016 EU budget saying subsidies should not go to farms that raise bulls for use in Spanish bullfighting.
Coahuila has become the third state in Mexico to impose a ban on bullfighting, following the lead of two other states that banned the practice in recent years.
Comparisons are sometimes drawn between bullfighting and fox-hunting.
Act 2 follows Luna, Manuel, Pedro and their bullfighting company from Spain to Mexico, where the brothers feel a female bullfighter will be a draw.
Hundreds of activists from the Party Against Bullfighting and Animal Cruelty (PACMA), protested in Madrid three days ahead of the event.