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The bullfighter is still in intensive care following an emergency operation, according to Mail Online.
By contrast, his son Antonio Ordonez would become one of the best bullfighters of his time and a very good friend of Hemingway's.
Something we found out with great surprise is that bullfighters are in this space where you cannot tell gender--gender disappears--and it's fascinating when that happens.
Now, three years after working rodeos across the country and building his reputation as one of the elite bullfighters, Tennent is realizing the vision he had since he was 2.
Life is a bull, the world is a bullring, and we are all the bullfighters.
Pic is capped by an account of Super Animal actually running down and confronting a bullfighter in public.
In his description of the first five bullfighters, spread over the first four of the poem's eleven quatrains, Cabral offers tempered praise for each.
In the end, it was not a half-ton of snorting animal fury that has finished the career of Spain's lone British bullfighter, or even his age.
Bullfighters entertain the bull so the 2,000-pound horned animal doesn't hurt the rider.
Bulls and bullfighters and a few random red props appeared and disappeared until the agonizingly funny blood-in-the-sand ending.
You don't have a good spectacle, neither brave bulls nor good bullfighters.
Utilizing full-voice characterization, Keach brings an additional dimension to the lives of Hemingway's bullfighters, big game hunters, soldiers, wives, drunkards, companions, peasants, and patriots.
Roberto Aleman is from Spain and has bullfighters in his family.
ONE of Portugal's most celebrated bullfighters killed a bull in the ring, defying a law which forbids their slaughter in public.
Cristina Sanchez, 27, was never accepted by her fellow bullfighters in the deeply macho world of the matador.