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("Libros II," 3; col.1) a treatise on tauromachy, a history of the bullfight, a survey of great bullfighters past and present, a complete study of the fighting bull.
To flesh his argument, Messent contrasts the order and coherence of the bullfight with the random grotesqueries described in "A Natural History of the Dead." Death is the terminus in each, but the bullfighter grips till the end physical and mental wholeness, a cleanliness denied those sundered in body and mind by the random brutality of war.
Pilar also mentions the two bullfighters who shared the bill with Granero that fatal afternoon: Juan Luis de la Rosa and Marcial Lalanda.
Bullfighters don't hang up their capes, they cut the 'coleta' - the pigtail they wear.
A bullfighter, Arturo Macias, 35, escaped death after being gored through the neck during a bullfighting contest Saturday.
The bullfighter's wife Raquel Sanz, 32, was too "devastated" to comment after the tragedy, but she later tweeted: "I have no words.
Bulls, bullfights, and bullfighters are central to the fiesta of San Fermin in Pamplona and, consequently, also central to Ernest Hemingway's novel The Sun Also Rises.
The pair traveled to Spain to begin researching--the start of a decade-long journey into the world of the corrida, and the lives of female bullfighters Maripaz Vega and Eva Florencia--and the result was their 2009 film, Ella Es el Matador.
Three of the country's top bullfighters, including No1 Jose Tomas, appeared in the sold-out show at Barcelona's Monumental ring.
The hotel then was favored by bullfighters. The oldest bullfighter by tradition took room 217, Huade said.
Recycle" Sir James Dyson when asked the order of service at his funeral "Bullfighters are interesting to me because they are the last of something.
During the festival, the novice bullfighters enter the ring without any protective gear to take on the animals in this 150-year-old Colombian tradition.
"There was never a strong tradition of bullfighting there anyway, they do not breed bulls and no bullfighters come from the region."
A girl''s name, a pass made by a bullfighters cape and a Dutch radio station.