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Bulls, bullfights, and bullfighters are central to the fiesta of San Fermin in Pamplona and, consequently, also central to Ernest Hemingway's novel The Sun Also Rises.
Ever since I was young, lots of bullfighters visited my house and I went with my dad to the fights," he said, in another interview with the Daily Mail.
Whatever the answer to the grammatical question, it is clear that the female bullfighter is nota case that fits Judith Halberstam's term "Female masculinity.
There were minor scuffles between fans of the "sport" and animal rights campaigners who gathered outside the venue to protest, both before the event and after, when the bullfighters were carried into the streets.
But Salford-born bullfighter Frank Evans said the effect would be limited because the sport was never popular in the region.
Now, three years after working rodeos across the country and building his reputation as one of the elite bullfighters, Tennent is realizing the vision he had since he was 2.
Some of Mexico's most popular bullfighters are not much taller than the bulls they confront.
The young girl's passion and fascination continued as she grew up and moved to Los Angeles, where she joined a class of novilleras -- apprentice bullfighters -- at Griffith Park.
9) In compositions like "Alguns toureiros," from Paisagens com figuras, Cabral utilizes the corrida--its structure, its props, its bulls, and especially its bullfighters, to illustrate his approach to literature.
The ancient and deadly minuet has few practitioners from countries with no bullfighting tradition - perhaps one per cent of the 1,000 bullfighters active in Spain.
Bullfighters entertain the bull so the 2,000-pound horned animal doesn't hurt the rider.
Bulls and bullfighters and a few random red props appeared and disappeared until the agonizingly funny blood-in-the-sand ending.
Utilizing full-voice characterization, Keach brings an additional dimension to the lives of Hemingway's bullfighters, big game hunters, soldiers, wives, drunkards, companions, peasants, and patriots.
You don't have a good spectacle, neither brave bulls nor good bullfighters.