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000 pesetas [a bullfighter who charges 30,000 pesetas]" (UNO DEL 2 1).
will also sponsor the bullfighters during the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, December 4-13, 2014.
Whatever the answer to the grammatical question, it is clear that the female bullfighter is nota case that fits Judith Halberstam's term "Female masculinity.
The novice bullfighter didn't speak Spanish, so language was a barrier as she worked the bullfighting circuit.
Bert's a bullfighter who just got smarter," says Mick Thompson of Pasco, Wash.
They considered the interference was of a minor nature in that O'Neill had manoeuvred his horse to the left after the marker poles and had interfered with the third-placed Bullfighter.
Bizet`s passionate love story about the gypsy girl and the bullfighter has been adapted for many different audiences from opera and film to contemporary dance.
That's because the crowd is roaring at The Black Family, a wrestling trio that pulls metal baking pans from beneath the ring and smashes them over the heads of their opponents--The Mexican, Oscar Sevilla and The Bullfighter.
I ALWAYS get a laugh when a bullfighter gets it in the stomach, back, leg, head, arm, ego or anywhere else from the rampaging blood-soaked beast he's been sticking spears in for half an hour.
Her new novel, The Wild Man, is set in Franco's Spain of the 1960s and tells the story of a gay bullfighter.
The bullfighter cocks his hips and walks toward the bull, exhibiting his crotch.
SPAIN Novillero (novice) bullfighter Jimenez Fortes is gored during a bullfight of San Isidro''s fair in Madrid EGYPT Egyptologist Dr.
She dressed up as a bullfighter, complete with cape, to sing Judas.
the photographs of Hotchner as bullfighter [in the Scribner's version].
The show is about a woman called Carmen, and although a bullfighter is in the story that is not primarily what the story is about.