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Synonyms for bulletproof

make bulletproof

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without flaws or loopholes

not penetrable by bullets

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If it could be shown that bulletproofing leads to sellers receiving
It is possible that bulletproofing will lead to sellers receiving a
Because bulletproofing limits potential competition, buyers have an
commentators' argument that bulletproofing resolves a
a more likely result is that bulletproofing does not lead to sellers
certainty attributable to bulletproofing will lead to an increase in the
paying for bulletproofing. A solitary bidder with a bulletproof deal
additional certainty offered by bulletproofing, or simply insist on deal
Bulletproofing does not help sellers capture more of the surplus
should have no reason to expect that bulletproofing transactions will
bids that are ultimately protected by bulletproofing, sellers are likely
The reason buyers often insist on bulletproofing a transaction may
price in exchange for bulletproofing. It is because buyers understand