bulletproof vest

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a vest capable of resisting the impact of a bullet

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The bulletproof vest market analysis is provided for both the international markets including development trends, competitive landscape analysis, and key regions development status.
4033, the Bulletproof Vest Partnership Grant Act of 2000, would provide $50 million in grants to state and local law enforcement agencies each year and ensure that more grants are made available to smaller jurisdictions with populations of 100,000 or less.
They wore bulletproof vests over their jackets, and two of them smelled strongly of liquor.
Some have even been found wearing bulletproof vests.
A PAKISTANI cafe boss yesterday claimed death threats from religious extremists had forced him to wear a bulletproof vest.
The program, launched by the Department of Justice, was authorized by the Bulletproof Vest Grant Partnership Act of 1998.
3 Various terms, such as bulletproof vest, bullet resistant vest, body vest, and body armor, describe a garment specifically designed to protect the wearer from firearm projectiles.
Kelly, a senior at Morse High School, spearheaded the enactment of a state law allowing third-party nonprofit organizations to raise money for the police, and then raised more than $40,000 to purchase a bulletproof vest for every working police dog in Maine.
on Capitol Hill to mark crossing the threshold of issuing more than 1 million vests under Leahy's Bulletproof Vest Partnership Program.
A TEENAGER has been handed an Asbo banning him from wearing a bulletproof vest.
The other ricocheted off his bulletproof vest, and the impact -- similar to being hit with a baseball -- bruised his chest wall, said Daniel Margulies, director of the trauma center at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.
BULLETPROOF VEST PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM: Cities and towns are eligible to apply for funding for bulletproof equipment under the Bullet Proof Partnership Act of 1999.
Subject of the contract is the manufacture and supply of protective equipment for police officers, which comprises the following sections - Lot 1: Armoured shirt;- Lot 2: Bulletproof vest B;- Lot 3: Helmet - impenetrable.
Anyone who purchased or used a bulletproof vest manufactured by Second Chance, which contains the fiber Zylon may be eligible for a payment up to $750 per vest.