bulletproof vest

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a vest capable of resisting the impact of a bullet

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Meanwhile, police officers patrolling Taipei metro stations should be equipped with a bulletproof vest, hand gun, electric stun gun, baton and pepper spray at all times.
Bullets don't bounce off bulletproof vests. The vest just stops the bullet from penetrating all the way through.
He lamented that the poor economic condition of the country meant that they could not make the necessary resources available for the police department, including the bulletproof vests.
The PNP leadership has been requiring its anti-drugs operatives to wear bulletproof vest for protection.
The footage showed Domovoi wearing a bulletproof vest and holding a Stechkin automatic pistol.
They tell me to wear a bulletproof vest while outside.
"I took my father's desert boots and bought the bulletproof vest on ebay, which my uncle brought over for me from the UK," he said.
Bulletproof vest THE bulletproof vest can protect against shotguns, sub-machine guns and handguns, as well as withstanding some knife attacks.
Due to the technology used in the new bulletproof vest compared with the usual vests, the body's vital organs are protected against the bullets fired from close range and different angles.
New York, August 14 ( ANI ): Detroit female cops were recently left embarrassed when an assistant police commander mistakenly emailed a file containing bra sizes, that were collected for bulletproof vest fittings, to the entire police force.
his heart is a blue bulletproof vest new orleans sufi with a jewish
Tsonev explained that during such visits, there are certain rules that must be followed: do not transmit information at the time of visit, the Minister wears protective clothing: bulletproof vest and camouflage clothing to not differ from other soldiers from the contingent and the visit should always be short.
How can a bulletproof vest worn by a senior officer go missing?" she said.
But a bulletproof vest? Does this, in all honesty, show a common-sense approach to tackling the risks that may be attached to the job?
In January his handgun went off in his legislative office, firing into a bulletproof vest hanging in the middle of the door to the reception area.