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Synonyms for bulletproof

make bulletproof

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without flaws or loopholes

not penetrable by bullets

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The Bulletproof coffee has been gaining more attention among the weight loss community.
Bulletproof Academy is a powerful learning management framework that combines world-class courses with leading-edge eLearning technology to provide medium and enterprise organizations with customized eLearning programs that drive business outcomes and help people meet their full potential.
According to sources, the NAB Rawalpindi had penned a letter to the cabinet division, urging to get back the bulletproof vehicles from Abbasi and Maryam Nawaz.
Under current regulations, railway police carry a gun and a baton with them while on duty, and law enforcement officers do not have to wear a bulletproof vest when patrolling train stations.
The NAB stated before the court that 34 bulletproof vehicles were procured from Germany for the guest of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) conference.
This was not the first time the 74-year old President used a bulletproof glass panel during his speech.
According to NAB, the former foreign secretary approved the summary to import the bulletproof vehicles from Germany.
On May 21, an accountability court judge Muhammad Arshad Malik in Islamabad allowed NAB to interrogate Nawaz about the alleged misuse of the 20 bulletproof vehicles.
According to the bureau, the bulletproof cars were also being illegally used by family members of the former premier.
It is reported that they together with officials of foreign office misused their authority by allocating the bulletproof cars for Sharif's family instead of diplomats.
figure By JAMES KARIUKI DROP_LETTER_5DECKWhen Kenyan homeowners contemplate constructing or buying houses, on their wish list is getting big, beautiful burglarproof, fireproof, bulletproof doors.
"Bulletproof Coffee" or "Butter Coffee" quickly became a trend after tech entrepreneur Dave Asprey founded Bulletproof Nutrition Inc in 2014 and opened its first bulletproof coffee store in Santa Monica in 2015.
ISLAMABAD -- The audit report for year 2017-18 has found 'irregularities' in the purchase of a bulletproof vehicle for then minister for housing and works Akram Khan Durrani while it also pointed out unauthorised allocation of two additional vehicles to him.
Touching upon the initiatives taken by his government, the Prime Minister said that they purchased as many as 50,000 bulletproof jackets in 2016 for the Army and a total of 1, 86,000 indigenously made bulletproof jackets have been ordered in April this year.