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a computer that is running software that allows users to leave messages and access information of general interest

a board that hangs on a wall


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When sought for comments, Senen Perlada, director of Department of Trade and Industry export marketing bureau, said in a text message that the bulletin board might be the direct result of the APEC SME working group meetings that were held the past days.
* Field employees indicated conversation (Score 2.8) and task training (Score 2.8) as the most effective communication process to provide information on hazards with new equipment or machines; not effective were notes on the bulletin board (Score 1.4) and T5s (Score 1.9).
Consider the task of creating bulletin boards for K-12 classrooms.
Lee, a Spanish teacher at York County's Tabb High School, displayed religious and political items on the bulletin board in 2004.
The Intermost Corporation (BULLETIN BOARD: IMOT) , a leading electronic online equity exchange service provider in China, announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, the Chinae.com Investment Consultant (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Even without a database of individuals' typeprints, authorities might glean information about someone on a public computer or online bulletin board just from that person's keystroke rhythms.
Hydrogen Power today common stock begins trading today on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board as Hydrogen Power Inc.
They were called bulletin board systems, or BBSes: communities that allowed users to dial in at crawling modem speeds--usually only one at a time--and exchange private e-mails, public messages, and software files.
UATP accounts are issued by airlines that include American Airlines (NYSE:AMR), Austrian Airlines, Continental Airlines (NYSE:CAL), Delta Air Lines, Japan Airlines (NasdaqOTC:JALSY), Qantas Airways Ltd, Scandinavian Airlines System, United Airlines (OTC Bulletin Board:UALAQ) and US Airways (OTC Bulletin Board:UAIRQ.OB).
The website provides access to interactive lectures, computer-generated tests, quizzes, searchable databases, and a bulletin board for approved users.
(BULLETIN BOARD: CPCF), Sarasota, Fla., reports that its subsidiary, Med Enclosure, LLC, has submitted an Investigational Device Exemption ("IDE") application to the U.S.
The bulletin board advertised such sites as "extreme lolitas", "lolitas for sale" and "pre-teen goddess".
Please check the ACQ Now bulletin board at <https://www.atrrs.army.mil/channels/acqnow/default.asp> for information about availability of these courses in FY 2005.