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a head shaped like a bullet

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Coach Bullethead had joined Sylvester Lovejoy and the others outside.
And in "Ballad of Bullethead" Hayes manages to capture the dazzling wordplay of the best rap lyrics even if the poem itself, as an overture to "The Yummy Suite," a series of poems based on a Chicago murder, plays perhaps into the stereotypical linkage of rap, drugs, and crime:
HEAD: Bullethead formed from elk or moose hair wing.
These days, however, concerns for green building products and state code requirements are spurring manufacturers to offer a range of fixtures -- from bullethead shapes hung from the ceiling to bottle-shaped lights for tables and counters.
The company is also featuring retro-inspired lamps such as a bullethead shape.
Amberjack take speed jigs--also called butterfly jigs--worked energetically up and down near the bottom, or, for a more casual time, they'll hit 6- and 9-ounce bullethead jigs baited with ballyhoo, squid or plastic tails drifted by them.
CD release party, with Season of the Dead, Army of None and Bullethead, 8:30 p.m.
I like a tandem rig consisting of two different lures: a bullethead jig running a short distance ahead of a spoon.
Thompson's best wahoo rigs were bullethead baits like Ilanders, with medium-sized ballyhoo with a double hook rig set at 90 degrees.