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Synonyms for bullet-headed

obstinate and stupid

having a small round head

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In a much-noted editorial, the New York Times asked, "Can she represent a constituency beyond the narrow politics of her district, where she has been a bullet-headed opponent of gun control, proudly basking in ...
painting vivid portraits of the people who made headlines." Hadden initiated the backward syntax that came to be known as Timestyle, the graphic compound descriptors like "steely-eyed" and "bullet-headed," and the amalgam of fact, analysis and slant.
One of the outstanding performances in Part 1 is from John Douglas Thompson, a black bullet-headed Hotspur who seems to blend the abrasiveness of the hood with Northern English bloody mindedness to compelling and exilharating effect.
Because without the bullet-headed Sinclair we wouldn't be talking about immortals or history-makers.
Last time I was there I was struck by the nature of many visitors - bullet-headed, bull-necked, tattooed, and that was only the women, Boom!
'The French, Italians, Dutch and Spanish all have beautiful babes cheering them on while we have bullet-headed blokes with beer bellies and tattoos.'
SOMEWHERE, today, a bullet-headed cretin seized by a sense of injustice will threaten a Sunday League referee.
Bullet-headed, beered-up and spouting half-baked theories, The Landlord is something of a national treasure.
But with five seconds of normal time remaining in the half, Boro were caught napping at the back when Williams bullet-headed home Chris Waddle's free-kick and enraged the home fans with his wild celebration.
Bullet-headed men, halfwits in baseball caps and young girls worse the wear for drink are not a pretty sight.
The MC is MC: Matt Chapman, bullet-headed, head apparently greased to encourage punches - it can only be a matter of time - to slide off while racing's new showman balances precariously, but entertainingly, on the line that separates boldness from offence, teasing from insult.
Fans themselves will have to decide whether it is a worry or not that, following Titus Bramble's bullet-headed winner in the 71st minute, United's last four goals have all come from set-pieces.
Guest himself plays Harlan Pepper, a bullet-headed North Carolina fly-fishing hick and aspirant ventriloquist whose bloodhound Hubert might just be the first of its breed to take the championship.
My view is that we've tried the bullet-headed baldies so why not give the flowing locks a go?
It stood a 2-0 when Ryan's cross deceived keeper David Miskelly completely on the hour - and five minutes later he whipped in a dream corner that the unmarked Ryan O'Neill bullet-headed homet.