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a high-speed passenger train


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No casualties were reported but the blaze at commercial buildings, next to railway tracks near the station, forced the suspension of all bullet trains departing from the capital to the western commercial hubs of Nagoya and Osaka, a key section of the nationwide network, according to Central Japan Railway Company.
ON ITS WAY The bullet train slashes journey times between two of China's largest cities from 20 hours down to just eight
Bullet Train may not be the most high-profile horse to enter stud in Kentucky this season but his presence has certainly sparked plenty of discussion, especially as he is priced at a fraction of the PS125,000 that Frankel will command at Banstead Manor Stud in Newmarket next season.
As the developer of the bullet train system, Japan has consistently been at the forefront of new technology in the railroad industry.
The crash, with delays on a new Beijing-Shanghai line blamed on equipment failures, embarrassed the communist government and fuelled public anger at a bullet train network that critics say is dangerous and too costly.
It was the first derailment on China's high-speed rail network since the country launched bullet trains with a top speed of 155mph in 2007.
The accident is an embarrassment for China, which plans to massively expand its bullet train network.
Karaman explained the deadline is estimated somewhere in the next five years, pointing out the bullet train launch between Edirne and Istanbul is coming in the very near future, by the end of 2011, with two thirds of the 280-km railroad already finished.
Since 1996--twice as long as the Transcontinental Railroad took from approval to completion in the 1860s--the bullet train project has cost taxpayers more than $250 million, yet not one millimeter of track has been laid.
Admittedly the form of that race does not look the strongest, but Bullet Train could only beat what was put in front of him and he looked as though he would just about see out a mile and a half.
TOM QUEALLY is banking on Henry Cecil's fast improving Bullet Train to fire him to Derby glory on his first attempt.
HENRY CECIL had a sweet and sour afternoon at Lingfield where Bullet Train left him licking his lips after a sickener for Timepiece.
Instead he is focusing all his attention on obtaining federal funds for the proposed bullet train from San Francisco to Southern California.
It would be great to climb aboard a bullet train in Eugene, and arrive in Vancouver, B.
THIS 140mph Japanese bullet train arrived in the UK yesterday - the first of four that will whisk spectators to London's 2012 Olympics.