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a high-speed passenger train


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Responding to when will the Government expand the bullet train network all over the country, the Minister of Railways informed: "Bullet Train or High-Speed Rail Projects are highly capital and technology-intensive, and therefore, their proposals for other sections are subject to technical feasibility, financial and economic viability and availability of funding".
The ALFA-X will reach the world's fastest commercial speed for a wheeled bullet train, according to the company.
The tot and his mother were apparently taking pictures in front of the stationary bullet train as a souvenir.
The point is, for a 1.3 billion-strong nation, with a railway network that ferries 23 million passengers daily across 66,687km, there can be nothing wrong or illogical about planning for a high-speed rail corridor, that goes by the name 'bullet train' in common parlance.
The Kunming-Kolkata bullet train is just one example of win-win partnership.
Dubbed the "bullet train", it will run at maximum a speed of 200 km per hour.
The THSR reminds college students to bring their valid student identity card for checking while taking a bullet train with a student discount.
Along with the bullet train, the government should also think of improving the existing 65,000 km railway infrastructure as it would help improve amenities, speed and saving time for three crore passengers, Muniyappa said.
New Delhi: Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu Wednesday said the Mumbai-Ahemdabad Bullet train being built with Japanese assistance will be more or less in the self-financing mode and will significantly help the public transporter in upgrading technology.
Construction on Indonesia's first bullet train started Thursday, months after a controversial bidding war that pitted China against Japan.
Or from Munich to Frankfurt in a bullet train or from Paris to London under the sea or Washington to New York.
YENy DELHy (CyHAN)- India and Japan on Saturday inked four pacts on bullet train, civil nuclear energy, military equipment and defense technology.
Tokyo, Japan | AFP -- Japan is set to build India's first bullet train, with Tokyo financing the project through an $8 billion loan to New Delhi, a leading Japanese business daily reported Tuesday.
The biggest dream that Modi is trying to sell to the Indians through his rail budget is to start work on a bullet train on the Pune-Mumbai-Ahmedabad route.